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MacKeeper - Protect Your Mac

MacKeeper INT

MacKeeper - Protect Your Mac

Just imagine - your personal technical expert can remotely scan the Mac, identify possible problems and help in solving them.

Optimize your Mac's RAM, delete unnecessary or too large files, applications, and unnecessary copies.

Control the download speed of your Mac by selecting the applications that will open when the computer starts. Install all important updates for frequently used applications.

File search, file recovery and backup.

Encrypt files, protecting them with a double password, using the "Data Encryption" plugin.

Anti-Virus and Safe Browsing Plugin will protect against identity theft, malware and spyware, as well as other online threats. From theft in the real world protect plugin "Anti-Theft". With it, in case of theft of a computer, you can get not only information about the location of your Mac, but also a snapshot of a thief!

Protect your Mac from the following threats:

  • Mac OS and Windows viruses
  • Identity theft
  • Phishing attacks
  • Virus infection
  • Fraudulent websites
  • Dangerous download files
  • Threats from external devices
  • Email threats
  • Spyware for Mac