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Manzana - online store

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Manzana is an online store whose assortment is dynamically updated offering you its products. Mobile phones, tablets, photo and audio equipment, Sennheiser headphones, home appliances, etc.

Our store has a wide range of Apple products. Apple iMac, Apple MacBook, MacBookPro, MacBookAir notebooks of various configurations. All products are certified, international warranty and 100% service support.

We also offer a wide range of accessories for various Apple devices (headphones, cases, chargers, etc.). Your attention is provided a variety of new electronics world that will help you keep pace with the times.

The advantages of online store:

  • More than affordable prices.
  • Constantly expanding range of products.
  • Honesty and decency of staff.
  • Delivery of goods throughout Ukraine.
  • Gift certificates, articles and reviews of new products.