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Metal War Online is a new client session MMO game in the Sci-Fi setting.

The events that swept the world of MWO are based on the confrontation of the two largest corporations, the Global Resource Network and the Morgan Industries. Both structures fought for special deposits, allowing them to produce synthetic blood of unprecedented quality and properties. Soon, the confrontation between the two titans went beyond the scope of local conflicts - hired groups, security agencies and even their own armies located in all corners of the earth went into action.

Over time, the consequences of the battles acquired such an impressive character that regular sweeping detachments could no longer hide what was happening from prying eyes. Secret became clear. For several months, the battlefields were transported to central cities around the world. As the "gold rush" of our time - the search for and battles for the possession of enriched territories attracted thousands of adventurers, paramilitary groups and just soldiers of fortune.

The world of MWO will tell about the events of the near future, as developers see it. At the disposal of the players will be the most diverse technique in the four fighting classes. Each class personifies their own battle tactics, their own style of war. The first "arenas" will transfer players to the expanses of the cities of Australia, where they will be able to appreciate all the delights of battle in urban environments.

  • Hurricane battles on cars! Your choice of several dozen cars: from nimble jeeps to slow rocket complexes.
  • Combat operations around the world! Battles for a valuable resource will unfold in the Australian metropolitan areas, American canyons, snowy Greenland fjords and distant deserts.
  • 4 classes of equipment! Rate the charm of the battle on any of the available classes: "Scout", "Engineer", "Sturmovik" or "Missile Complex". Each is distinguished by its role in the game, size, maneuverability, and of course speed.
  • 3 camera modes! From the third person, from the first person (sniper aiming + view "from the tower"), artillery sight from the satellite.