OTP Bank


OTP Bank is one of the largest banks in Ukraine and is included in TOP 10 of the most effective banks of Ukraine according to Forbes magazine.

Under its own brand, OTP Bank has been operating since 2006, when OTP Bank Plc, the leader of the Hungarian banking market, became the leader. Commercial bank Raiffeisenbank Ukraine OTP Bank is a universal bank that provides a full range of financial services for corporate and private clients. In the Ukrainian market, it has a strong reputation of an innovative structure that constantly increases business volumes and offers consumers products of the highest quality.

Since its inception, OTP Bank Ukraine has established itself as a socially responsible, reliable and stable bank, with an individual approach to each client. Providing services of the highest quality is OTP Bank's main obligation to its customers. The activity of OTP Bank Ukraine has been repeatedly noted by both Ukrainian and European institutions. OTP Bank is the Absolute Favorite of Success 2012 in the category "Consumer Loan" based on the results of the "Favorites of Success" Trademark Competition in Ukraine.

Loan conditions OTP Bank Ukraine:

  • The loan amount is 1 000 - 100 000 UAH;
  • The borrower's age is 25-70 years;
  • Loan period 6-60 months;
  • Official experience from 4 months.

Advantages of lending in OTP Bank Ukraine:

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • The minimum package of documents
  • Transparent service, no additional and hidden commissions;
  • Time for obtaining a decision from 1 hour
  • Lending up to 30 000 without a certificate of income;
  • Early repayment without additional commissions.
  • Target audience: working citizens of Ukraine from 25-65 years with a monthly income of 1300 UAH.
  • Geo-targeting: Ukraine (except for Donetsk, Lugansk regions, and also Crimea)