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Online store watches Protime

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The online store of Protime watches is not just a business on the Internet.

We, the business of the new generation, whose goal is maximum customer satisfaction. Our concept can be expressed in the mission, objectives, principles and benefits for the client that we implement.

Our goal: to be the online store of number 1 watches in Ukraine.

Our principles:

  • we promise only what we can accomplish;
  • we are open to your comments and comments;
  • we are focused on creating the most simple and user-friendly site;
  • we adhere to the principle of "maximum minimalism" in the design of the site, as a platform for selling watches - on our site you will not find anything extra - just what is needed to select watches;
  • We work only with official distributors of only original watches.

  • Free delivery of watches throughout Ukraine, regardless of the choice of delivery method;
  • the possibility of returning the watch within 14 days after purchase;
  • work shop seven days a week - we will take your order even on weekends;
  • current loyalty program for regular customers.