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Casual MMORPG Technomagic

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Technomagy is a special type of browser-based online MMORPG game.

Casual MMORPG Technomagia embodies the best that you can offer you multiplayer free online games (including flash games), combining the elements of the quest, tactical, role-playing games, strategies, puzzles.

The world of Elinor is a world of war, a war of harsh and merciless. For several hundred years, the children of the goddess EQUILLE, people, are at war with the dwarves - the children of the god Khagdor. And you can not see the end or the edge of their confrontation. The sword converges with the shield and the hammer beats against the armor. And very few people can remember the reason for the outbreak of war, but inadvertently incited hatred firmly rooted in the souls of all living beings ... The earth itself is already groaning with pain, being fed up with the blood spilled on it. But, attracted by the emanations of suffering, all the creatures of horror, seemingly long ago expelled from the possessions of intelligent inhabitants of the world of Elinor, poured out from the dark holes. Yes, here also come various rumors about the awakening of beings, hitherto unknown to gnomes, or to people, beings, of whom even the annals are silent, which are kept from Creation itself.

That's what Elinor looks like, a world once blessed and full of abundance, a world that the gods themselves fought for the right of possession. Dwarves and people ... Sure, you've met these races in other worlds, traveler, have not you? Truly bizarre the trails of the Intermiria, which allowed the same seeds of life to break through in hundreds of completely different worlds.

But due to various circumstances, born in the Elinor world, the races are strikingly different from their brethren. You can start at least with the fact that they have chosen the opposite ways of their improvement.

People, the race of beings that are subject to storms of emotions and passions, living their short life so brightly that even the stones remember their tracks ... people have chosen the path of magic, the path of great power and great temptations. Do not smile, traveler, of course I know that in order to know all the mysteries of magic, human life is not enough. But the children of EQUILLE went their own path. They have mastered only three aspects of magic - healing, protection and, unfortunately, destruction ...

They erected their bastions and built towers of magic on the site of the original pre-eternal forests. They were too proud to try to understand and feel the beating of the heart of the world. Perhaps, this pride also caused the fall in the day of their meeting with the Dwarves.

Gnomes? Oh, here lies the story much more exciting ... Gnomes are the creations of Khagdor, the god who came to Elinor from the outside and just as then left him. But before his departure Khadgor created many things in this world and left more to his children. Therefore, now the Gnomes go exactly the way that God and the Father indicated them. They renounced the ways of open manipulation of subtle forces. Instead, they invent mechanisms that use for their work crystals with the magic enclosed in them. But they, like people, do not want to understand the essence of the surrounding world, instead they try to put their meaning into it. Therefore, they could not predict the emergence of people in their domains ...

Such is the history of their conflict. Misunderstanding and pride have become fertilizers that have engendered a flower of hatred.