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Terrasport - online store

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Terrasport - online store of goods for active life

An online store was created in 2008 by an initiative group of people who know firsthand the needs of the sports industry.

The vast experience of our team includes: personal activities in many sports, coaching, vocational training at the University of Physical Education and Sports, creating and supporting sports community organizations, building a network of sports clubs from scratch and just understanding the importance of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. All this formed the basis of the concept of our business.

We are confident in the quality of the goods that we offer you, so we provide a personal guarantee for all positions, regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty: from 14 days to 12 months. We turn the process of making a purchase into an easy and pleasant thing, promptly delivering the goods at a time convenient for you.

The online store lists part of the profits to charities that advocate the development of sports, a healthy lifestyle, a careful attitude to nature, and also help the poor, orphans, the disabled, the sick ...

We strive to become the best and help our customers become the best.

Why us?

  • an enterprise that has a physical address, not a virtual one on the Internet;
  • the widest range of goods for sports, recreation and active life;
  • competitive prices;
  • own service center;
  • friendly attitude towards customers;
  • experienced consultants;
  • reliable delivery;
  • compliance with the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".