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Online store directs all the forces to please the most demanding customers.

Who are they? These are our babies, from the smallest to the greatest. Although some children's games and toys are great for relaxing with the whole family or as a souvenir for an adult.

And due to the fact that the parents are still engaged in the purchase process, we made our website as simple as possible, while containing as much information as possible in an accessible form, giving the impression of the presence of a consultant.

The presence of the central offices of our store for self-delivery of the purchased goods gives the customer additional confidence in our responsibility to the consumer. And the speed of delivery and convenient location of the points of issue allows you to make a purchase quickly, leaving even more time to play with your child.

Replenishment and updating of the range in our store is entrusted to a special department, which involves the work of true professionals with a wealth of experience and excellent knowledge of the specificity of products and the market. We have created for you all the conditions for the selection of toys and games for every taste, for children of any age.

Our advantages:

  • A wide range of products for children
  • Low prices
  • Delivery throughout Ukraine
  • Payment upon receipt
  • Issuing points in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk
  • availability of promotional codes for a discount on the entire range of the store
  • a wide range of products with low prices allows you to get a high level of conversion