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AIMP is a multifunctional audio center.

AIMP плеер скачать


Off site AIMP is a multifunctional audio center.

Thanks to the built-in utilities, you can easily transcode music from one format to another, record sound from a microphone or other sound device, burn files to CD-DVD discs, edit tags of music files, and also rename or sort them in a group.

The program was created according to the comments of users to other players - it concentrated all the best from all the players!

Here you can find everything you wanted from audio players and even more!

Key Benefits of AIMP Player

  • Support for a large number of music formats:
    MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC, MP +, AAC, AC3, OGG, FLAC, APE, WavPack, Speex, WAV, CDA, WMA, S3M, XM, MOD, IT, MO3, MTM, UMX
  • Huge functionality and user-friendly interface
  • 18-band equalizer and built-in sound effects
    Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed
  • 32-bit sound processing
    To achieve the best quality
  • Work immediately with multiple playlists
    We listen one - we work with another
  • Expansion module support
    You can add new utilities and expand existing ones, connect the plug-ins Input, Gen, DSP from WinAmp
  • Turn off the computer
    You can go to bed with your favorite music by setting the computer to turn off by timer or at the end of playback
  • Internet radio
    Listen and write!
  • Creating bookmarks and play queues
  • Hotkeys
    Customize local and global hotkeys to your taste!
  • Multilingual interface
  • Multi-user support
    Do multiple users work on the same computer? No problem
  • Full Unicode support
  • File search
    File search for all open playlists
  • Flexible program settings
  • Small size distribution
  • Audio converter
    Allows you to convert music from various formats to wma, mp3, wav, ogg
  • Audio Grabber
    Allows you to convert AudioCD (CDA) to MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA
  • Sound recording
    Allows you to record sound from any audio device in the system and save it in mp3, ogg, wav and wma format
  • Tag editor
    You can easily edit the tags of audio files, rename files as a group, sort by a given template or apply tag values ​​to a group of files.
  • Audio library
    It is an organizer of music files, which allows you to easily organize your music, set ratings for listening to songs, record playback statistics


AIMP v3.10 Build 1065 (07/04/2012)

- Fixed: When dragging a file from a playlist to another folder, it is moved, not copied
- Fixed: Playback jumps over one track when deleting a file from a playlist.
- Fixed: Incompatibility with Synaptics TouchPad
- Fixed: In the bookmark selection window, navigation through records as typing does not work
- Fixed: When applying any settings, AIMP overwrites registry integration information
- Fixed: Error "Cannot open file" when multithreaded coding from a file in the format WavPack + CUE
- Fixed: Audio Library does not take into account the number of plays of each of the files when building a report on your favorite tracks
- Fixed: Leak when working with MP3 encoder
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1061 (06/29/2012)

* Audio Converter: Added display of conversion progress in the window title
* General: Updated localization
* Player: Added the following equalizer presets: Headphones / Reggae / Ska / Techno

- Fixed: Audio Converter incorrectly selects the target sample rate in some cases
- Fixed: Playback cursor is not reset when clearing the playlist
- Fixed: Errors in displaying the equalizer window in old skins
- Fixed: The track is removed from the queue twice when it starts playing
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1051 RC 2 (06/01/2012)

* Bookmarks: Ability to sort entries in Bookmark Manager
* Plugins: Improved support for input-plugins from Winamp
* Skin engine: Text rendering is doubled in speed.

- Fixed: Player cuts off the value of the track number field if it is more than 255
- Fixed: In some cases, the cover of ID3v2.4 loaded incorrectly
- Fixed: "Skip mode" does not work in the dialog of sending files from a playlist to another folder
- Fixed: Skin engine - Invalid step at the scrollbar with a slider with unchanged dimensions
- Fixed: Skin engine - Controls did not receive focus in some cases
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1045 RC 1 (05/21/2012)

* Tags - The size of padding between the tag and the audio data is now limited to 100 KB
* Tags - Improved algorithm for calculating the duration of an audio file in MP3 VBR

- Fixed: The appearance of cod when listening to files with a sampling frequency greater than the specified sampling rate of the output device
- Fixed: Errors in the behavior and display of old skins
- Fixed: Incorrect text of error messages when initializing output device
- Fixed: Equalizer window does not always take into account animation settings
- Fixed: Player incorrectly reads tags that are larger than 1 MB
- Fixed: Playlist hangs when trying to delete files from the disk in some cases
- Fixed: Disable transparency if mouse over window function does not work correctly in some cases.
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1040 Beta 3 (05/08/2012)

* Decoders: BASS updated to version v2.4.9
* Converter: Support for the lame_enc.dll library blade interface
* Converter: Encoders are transferred from the folder "AIMP3 \ Plugins" to "AIMP3 \ Modules"
* Sound Engine: Increased performance

- Fixed: Errors in displaying old skins
- Fixed: Language selection window - drop-down list is displayed behind the window
- Fixed: Tag Editor does not write the cover to the file, if it was not before this tag
- Fixed: Window size is not saved if it is in the "desktop toolbar" mode
- Fixed: Memory leak in Phonotech
- Fixed: Playlist does not accept files from some applications using the Drag-n-Drop operation
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1034 Beta 2 (04/27/2012)

+ Phonoteca: Added the ability to quickly navigate the field values ​​while holding the Alt key

* General: Changed tips when editing templates
* Sound Engine: Improved re-sampler algorithm
* Playlist: Improved convenience of selecting multiple files with the mouse
* Record Library: Faster adding files to the database

- Fixed: Playback of the selected track did not start from a quick search by pressing the Enter key
- Fixed: Capture Internet radio does not work
- Fixed: Focus disappears after deleting the last file in the playlist
- Fixed: Macros are not unwound in some cases
- Fixed: Incorrect duration calculation for some WavPack files
- Fixed: Localization is not applied when you first start the program
- Fixed: Option "Add pause between tracks" does not work correctly
- Fixed: Errors in displaying old skins
- Fixed: Error when changing skin and its color
- Fixed: Player freezes when clicking on the "Play" button, if all tracks are disabled in the playlist
- Fixed: Increased processor load when playing silence with EQ enabled
- Fixed: minor bugs and flaws

AIMP v3.10 Build 1027 Beta 1 (04/16/2012)

+ General: Updated default skin design
+ General: Updated error notification window design
+ General: Custom skins are now stored in the program settings folder
+ General: Added the ability to set a pattern for the ticker when playing Internet radio
+ General: The option "Smooth increase in volume at the start of playback" rendered in the quick settings menu

+ Audio Converter: The "audio converter" utility comes with the player again
+ Audio Converter: Added multithreaded coding feature
+ Audio Converter: Support for encoding to APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WV, WMA and MP3 (with installed codec)
+ Audio Converter: Updated Design

+ Playlist: Now playlists are always stored in the program settings folder
+ Playlist: Now playlists are not removed from the disk when closing the tab (optional)
+ Playlist: Added playlist management dialog
+ Playlist: Added the possibility of semi-automatic synchronization of the playlist with the selected folder / playlist
+ Playlist: Added the ability to download multiple playlists at once using Drag-n-Drop
+ Playlist: Added ability to work with groups using the keyboard
+ Playlist: "Rating" item added to main menu

+ Plugins: Update Checker Module - added ability to semi-automatically download and install updates

+ Skin Engine: Engine is separated from the functional part of the program - potential opportunities are expanded

+ Music Library: Ability to select the default player - AIMP or built-in music library
+ Music library: Playlist storage transferred to the playlist manager of the player
+ Music library: Removed access to Internet radio stations catalog.
+ Music Library: Removed access to flash media

AIMP v3.00 Build 981 (Feb 16, 2012)

  • Updated localization
  • Playlist: Improved markup file pickup algorithm for audio files - support for files with double extension
  • Fixed: Buffer for DMO effects not cleared after stopping playback
  • Fixed: Information about the file duration from the playlist in the PLS format is not read correctly
  • Fixed: Invalid auto-equalization of equalizer preset for virtual files
  • Fixed: "default" button in effect manager resets all settings from second time only
  • Fixed: Track number in the queue displayed in the playlist is truncated in some cases
  • Fixed: Folders and files are not sorted by name when they are added from Windows Explorer
  • Fixed: Data from markup file (CUE) is not picked up for files in .DTS format
  • Fixed: Program crashed when trying to play a file without audio data, but having tags
  • Fixed: Player does not allow adding AIFF files to playlist
  • Fixed: When the equalizer is on, crackling is heard on very quiet tracks
  • Fixed: Plugins - Radio Station Catalog: Error when switching to the "IceCast" tab, if at least one of the records has no bitrate information
  • Fixed: Plugins - Some visualizations from AIMP2 do not work under AIMP3
  • Fixed: Plugins - Lastfm Client Helper crashes when trying to call settings if Lastfm Client is not installed
  • Fixed: Plugins - The list loses focus after enabling / disabling the plugin