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E-mail (eng. Email, e-mail, from eng. Electronic mail) is a technology and service for sending and receiving electronic messages (called “letters”, “emails” or “messages”) between users of a computer network (including - Internet).

E-mail on the composition of the elements and the principle of operation practically repeats the system of ordinary (paper) mail, borrowing both terms (mail, letter, envelope, attachment, box, delivery and others), and characteristic features - ease of use, delay in message transmission, sufficient reliability and at the same time no guarantee of delivery.

The advantages of e-mail are: easily readable and human-remembered addresses such as username @ domain_name (for example,; the ability to transfer both plain text and formatted, as well as arbitrary files (text documents, media files, programs, archives, etc.); server independence (in general, they refer to each other directly); quite high reliability of message delivery; Ease of use by humans and software; high speed message transfer.

Disadvantages of e-mail: the presence of such a phenomenon as spam (mass advertising and virus mailings); possible delays in message delivery (up to several days); restrictions on the size of a single message and on the total size of messages in the mailbox (personal to users).

Currently, any novice user can have a free email inbox, just register on one of the Internet portals.

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