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Useful applications that you didn’t suspect

Приложения для повседневной жизни

Mobile application (eng. "Mobile app") - software designed to work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Many mobile applications are pre-installed on the device itself or can be downloaded to it from online app stores, such as the App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play, 1mobile market, windows phone store, - and others, for free or for a fee.

Initially, mobile applications were used to quickly check email, but their high demand led to the expansion of their assignments in other areas, such as mobile phone games and GPS, communication, watching videos and using the Internet. The market of mobile applications today is very developed and is growing steadily. This term has become very popular, and in 2010 was added to the list of “Words of the Year” of the American Dialectical Society.

We at made a review of applications for everyday life that you will not find in various TOPs in the categories “Popular”, but they are really worthy of your attention and must be stored in your phone.

Cluise - virtual wardrobe

Cluise — виртуальный гардероб - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

It's hard to believe, but such times have come when you can just take a picture of all your clothes, load them into the app , and it will generate “bows” for each day, taking into account your own style, event and weather. In addition, in Cluise, you can compile statistics on what you have in excess, and what is really not enough, as well as share the way and get feedback and likes from other users.

Starved? / What to eat?

Оголодали? / Что поесть? - Приложения для повседневной жизни

Website | iOS | Android

“Eh, here it would be possible to simply list the products from the refrigerator and immediately get a brilliant recipe!” - for sure at least once every hostess thought so. But this is no longer a dream. There are many programs of this type in the application market, we chose one of the first representatives - “Starved?” But keep in mind that if you only have mayonnaise, onions and cinnamon - of course, the application does not come up with a delicious recipe from this, will offer you to go to the store.

Stocard - discount and discount card stores

Stocard — дисконтные и скидочные карты - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

This application, firstly, will save you from a dozen cards in your wallet, and secondly, will allow you to download discount cards of the most popular stores and use them with every purchase.

Wi-Fi Map Pro - passwords to Wi-Fi around the world

Wi-Fi Map Pro — пароли к Wi-Fi - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

In a nutshell, Wi-Fi Map Pro is a large community of people who share Wi-Fi points and passwords around the world . Connect to the points through the phone settings. Saw the password in the application, copied, went to the Wi-Fi settings on the phone, inserted the password and enjoy the Internet!

Fyuse - shooting 3D photos

Fyuse, съемка 3D-фотографий - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

The promising Fyuse application allows you to create “deep” photos with a parallax effect. The camera captures an image from 4 points to create a true 3D image . If everything goes smoothly, you can enjoy a voluminous photograph from several angles at your own pace. Unusually, right?

iBattery - charge saving

iBattery, экономия зарядки - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

The lower the charge on the phone, the more alarming the state of its owner. The iBattery application, which disables selected applications and the Internet when the screen is locked, can reduce the risk of being left unconnected. As a result, the smartphone can live without recharging for up to several days.

RPG In Real Life

RPG In Real Life - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

The RPG In Real Life app is a game for maintaining motivation in self-development . The character you need to develop and earn points is yourself. Points can be obtained by performing certain tasks, ranging from sports and the study of sciences and ending with the purchase of clothing. But it is worth noting that the effectiveness of this application depends solely on your honesty with yourself.

App in the Air, or travel assistant

App in the Air, помощник путешественнику - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

App in the Air is a very convenient thing for flights . It reminds of flights, delays, the beginning of online check-in, helps to navigate in an unfamiliar airport, suggests where you can eat, sleep, connect to Wi-Fi and the like. Another application can track the queue at the counters and writes how much registration and passport control will take. Great travel assistant.


Транжира - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

The app helps control costs and disciplines financially . Summarizes statistics for all categories of expenses, sets limits. Do not be a spender, manage your money wisely!

Timehop ​​- the application of nostalgia

Timehop, приложение ностальгии - Приложения для повседневной жизни

iOS | Android

Sometimes it is interesting to find out: what did I do a year ago on this day? And two years ago? And three? Timehop ​​combines your old photos and messages from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare and offers to see today's date for different years. Take a minute for nostalgia!

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