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Overview of plugins for notepad ++ (plugins notepad ++)

I downloaded all the plugins for notepad ++. Significantly simplifies life.

In order to download a plug-in, go to notepad ++ plug-ins, and run the plug-in with a list of available plug-ins.

NotePad ++ plugins in alphabetical order:

Overview of Plugins

  • Auto save

    autosave The plugin allows you to automatically save a document. There are settings - for example, save when the focus is lost.

  • Compare

    compare Analog winmerge. Allows you to compare files. The differences are highlighted.

  • CCommpletion

    ccompletion Autoconfiguration plugin. Can search for variables.

  • Document Monitor

    Verifies the document - it is not changed by another application. Useful plugin.


    explorer Adds the file browser to notepad.

  • External lexer KVS

    Adds the syntax highlighting to KVS.

  • Falling bricks

    falling bricks Adds the game Tetris.

  • File switcher

    file switcher Allows you to switch between files. Useful when more than 30 files are open.

  • Gmod LUA lexer

    Illumination of LUA syntax.

  • Gtag seach

    Search by tags.

  • GuidGuard

    Plugin for C. Inserts the following into the file (the header is different):

    #pragma once
    #ifndef id0F4D80D6_83C9_41EF_A2763A856C43C3C6
    #define id0F4D80D6_83C9_41EF_A2763A856C43C3C6

    // put stuff here

    #endif // header
  • HEX-editor

    hex editor HEX editor right in the notebook. Adds a shortcut icon. Very comfortably.

  • HTML tag

    html tag A very useful plugin. Adds a series of hot keys, you can quickly copy the contents between tags. See screen.

  • JSMin

    Plugin for javascript. Removes all hyphens and indentations in order to reduce weight.

  • Language help

    Allows you to run special help files (CHM, HLP, PDF), search for words in them.

  • Light Explorer

    Light Explorer A light version of the Explorer plugin.

  • MathPad

    Allows you to conduct various mathematical calculations.

  • MIME Tools

    MIME Tools A little useful plugin, adds base64 code / decode. Printed quotable ...

  • MultiClipboard

    multi clipboard The plugin keeps the history of the clipboard. It is convenient to copy a lot of code the same thing.

  • NativeLang

    Allows you to translate the plugin or menu into your language.

  • NppAutoIndent

    Smart auto-indent for C / C ++, PHP, Java and other languages. A very useful thing.

  • NppCrypt

    nppCrypt Adds the ability to file a file. But why?

  • NppExec

    NppExec Adds the ability to run a command line with a parameter. For example, you can immediately start and compile asm.

  • NppExport

    nppexport Allows you to export the file to rtf, html ..

  • NppExternalLexers

    Adds several syntaxes. Which did not understand.

  • NppFTP

    nppftp Ftp in your notebook.

  • NppNetNote

    nppnetnote The plugin is very cool. Allows you to edit a file to several people at once!

  • Oberon-2 Lexer

    Adds the syntax highlighting to oberon-2.

  • Obide

    obide Autocomplete for oberon-2.

  • Perforce actions

    Plugin refused to work.

  • Plagin Marker Margin

    Small fix. Adds indentation.

  • Plugin Manager

    plugin manager Plugin Manager. Allows you to download / remove plugins. Conveniently.

  • Plugin Update

    plugin update Plugin updates plugins. Automatically checks the latest version. Useful thing.

  • Pork to Sausage

    pork to sausage Plugin for some changes in the text. I did not understand.

  • Python Script

    python script Python plugin. Adds the console.

  • Regex Helper

    regexhelper One of the most useful plugins. Allows you to test a regular expression. Highlights coincidences. The plugin is equivalent to the function preg_match_all in php. Includes all groups. Using it, you can literally learn a regular expression a day.

  • RegRexPlace

    Replacement of the regular. Not very comfortable. Need to muddle the ini file.

  • Run Me

    run me Too that that of type NppExec . There are settings.

  • SciMarkerSymbol

    The plugin is needed for some plugins.

  • Snippets

    Adds snippets.

  • Subversion

    Calls TortoiseSVN's from the command line.

  • ScrollPastEOF

    Useful plug-fix. Allows you to scroll the file to infinity.

  • Select N Launch

    select n launch Allows you to save the selected piece of the file to a new one, with the desired extension. Conveniently.

  • SnippetPlus

    snippetsplus Too that and Snippets only more advanced version.

  • SourceCookifier

    sourcecookifier Create some kind of preview, such as a tree. See the screenshot.

  • SourceSwitch

    sourceswitch Switching between .c <-> .h files

  • Speech

    The plugin pronounces the selected text. I have a microsoftware voice of Sam.

  • Spell-Checker

    Verification of words, such as Ward. You must first install Aspell.

  • Switcher

    Switches between files cpp <> h, cc <> h and c <> h

  • TagsView

    The plugin shows the results of parsing of the system tags (CTag).

  • WebEdit

    webedit Quick insertion of tags. Adds tag buttons.

  • XBrackets Lite

    Autodetection of brackets. Convenient for programming.

    XML Tools

  • xmltool Adds some tools to work with XML.
  • Zen Coding - Python

    zencoding-python Plugin zen coding for python.