Proxy programs

This section presents our (and not only our) programs. Most of them are devoted to the processing of lists of proxy servers. Some of the programs are free, as for the rest, then you can download the demo version, and if you have a desire, then buy the program.

Checking proxy lists

Proxy Checker
3.2.6 release
It checks the list of HTTP (S) proxy servers. Allows you to take proxy lists from files of different formats ( HTML & TXT ), check proxy for anonymity, check HTTP proxy for FTP, HTTPS and proxy chaining support.

SOCKS Proxy Checker
1.3.1 release
It checks the list of SOCKS 4 / SOCKS 5 / HTTPS (CONNECT) proxy servers. Allows you to take proxy lists from files of different formats ( HTML & TXT ). Can check proxy lists of any sizes! Free version. The distribution contains links to lists of the latest SOCKS proxy servers.

Remote Proxy Checker
2.2.1 release

This program is specially for those users who can not check the proxy using ordinary proxy checkers-that is, if you are proxy for a corporate (or any other) proxy server.
The program checks the list of HTTP anonymous / high anonymous / HTTPS (CONNECT) / SOCKS 4 / SOCKS 5 proxy servers. Allows you to take proxy lists from files of different formats (including HTML and TXT ). This program can check the proxy from anywhere - including from within the corporate network through a corporate proxy of any type.

Program co-ordination

It implements SOCKS-fication programs (for programs that do not know how to work with a proxy).

Carries out the software's socksification (for programs that do not know how to work with proxy). Supports the proxy chain, can work with SOCKS 4/5, HTTPS proxy.

Performs SOCKS-fication programs (for programs that can not work with proxy). Can work with SOCKS 4/5, HTTPS proxy.

Hummingbird Connectivity
This program can "socksify" the entire operating system (making it work through SOCKS proxy programs that do not know how to work with proxy). The analogue of the SocksCap program.

Port mapping through a proxy / proxy chain

Organizes port mapping via HTTP proxy. Due to this you can work with mail, IRC and other programs through a proxy.

Socks Connector
The program allows you to organize port mapping through a socks / https proxy server. Analog HTTPort.
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Allows you to skip any TCP traffic through a corporate proxy server (organizes a local Socks proxy).

It can create chains from the Socks / HTTP proxy, in addition it performs port mapping through a proxy server (or through a proxy chain)


Allows to pass TCP traffic through HTTP (S) proxy: it organizes a local SOCKS proxy server and tunnels requests via HTTP.

Anonymous Guest is a software product that allows you to connect and work with a remote server through a chain of proxy servers, determine the types of proxy servers and test their performance.
(does not work)

This is a proxy-support utility. It helps you find and verify proxy servers and setup Internet Explorer easily with different types of proxy servers. HiProxy is not part of your Internet connection and does not interfere with Internet browsing.

Internet Access Monitor
It is a software product designed to control the effectiveness of using the Internet channel by employees of your organization. With its help, you can easily determine which of the employees most actively downloads the Internet channel, when and what exactly they download, how much time they spend on the Internet, and also how much traffic they generate at the same time.

TXT to PAC converter
Converts lists of proxy servers to Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) files.

Additional programs
(Not directly related to the proxy)

DNS Resolver
Converts IP-addresses in the list of proxy-servers to domain names - DNS (for example, Russian proxy), and can also convert DNS to IP-addresses.

Country Detector
The program determines the membership of countries for a list of hosts (IP addresses or DNS names) or for a list of proxy servers.

HTML to TXT converter
Converts HTML files to text format. Understands tables, lists, etc. Contains an INI file in which you can flexibly configure the conversion of HTML to text.