Security - the absence of any risk, in the event of the implementation of which there are negative consequences (harm) in relation to someone or something.

Information security of the state is the state of preservation of information resources of the state and protection of legal rights of the individual and society in the information sphere.

In modern society, the information sphere has two components: information technology (man-made world of engineering, technology, etc.) and information-psychological (natural world of living nature, including the person himself). Accordingly, in general, the information security of a society (state) can be represented by two components: information security and information-psychological (psychophysical) security.

Another important aspect of information security is the definition and classification of possible security threats.

Computer security - security measures used to protect computing devices (computers, smartphones and others), as well as computer networks (private and public networks, including the Internet). The field of activity of system administrators covers all processes and mechanisms by which digital equipment, information field and services are protected from accidental or unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of data, and is gaining increasing importance due to the growing dependence on computer systems in the developed community.

Cybersecurity is the process of using security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of data. The system administrator provides protection of assets, including data on the local network of computers and servers. In addition, the protection is taken directly by the building and, most importantly, the staff. The goal of ensuring cybersecurity is the protection of data (both in the process of transmission and / or exchange and stored). In order to ensure data security, countermeasures can also be applied. Some of these measures include, but are not limited to, access control, staff training, audit and reporting, risk assessment, penetration testing, and authorization requirements.

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