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Catalog FAQs for PS3 JailBreak

Каталог FAQ'ов для PS3 JailBreak


1. Basic FAQ

2. JailBreak using devices

3. JailBreak using boards (usb-dongles)

4. Backup - managers

5. Miscellaneous

Rogero CEX 4.30
1.This firmware is placed only on top of the 3.55ofw / 3.55cfw firmware.
2. This firmware should be installed on the downgrade-console” only after decoding / resetting the system
3. Users of firmware True-Blue and Cobra will have to switch to 3.55ofw, and then to 3.55cfw. Both actions will be done from Recovery mode.
4.Users 4.21Rogero cfw firmware, you need to downgrade to 3.55cfw, and then switch to Rogero CEX 4.30. Downgrade instructions can be viewed below.
5. The probability of a brik is always there. This can serve as a crooked hands, and unplanned off the light in the middle of the recording firmware. To do this, we need to insure ourselves and make a flash memory dump. We need the dump only if the console still caught the breech. Hardware method and the presence of a dump, the console can be revived.
6. We install this firmware from Recovery mode in order to prevent possible brik.
7. All downloaded games, go only with the original Eboot, that is, all those games that you patch under 3.55 will not work. In order for them to work, you simply need to replace the patched Eboot with the originals.
8.This firmware lends itself to software downgrade, that is, it is always possible to return to 3.55.
9. Everything you do, you do at your own risk

So, let's begin.
You can dump it either in multimen or in mempendamp. Decide for yourself where it is more convenient for you to dump.

Nor / Nand Flash Dump with Multiman
1. Download multiman
2. Install it from the Instal package files and run the program.
3 Press Select and Start at the same time.
4. Next we get into the OS of the multiman itself.
5. Using the multiman browser, go to the hard drive, and on any file, namely the file, and not the folder, press O. In the list, select the Hex editor.
6. Next we see a table, but it does not interest us. Click Select, and then Start.
7.Multimen will offer to dump Lv1, Lv2 and Flash. You can do everything, you can dump everything, and you can only flash. In our case you need Flash. (When dumping, remember the dump save directory)
8. Multiman browser copy files from hard disk to your USB flash drive.

Nor / Nand Flash Dump with MemDump
1. Download MemDump
2. Install from the Instal package files.
3. Run the program and make the necessary dump.

Deheshirovaniye / Reset Siskona
1. Downloading Toggle_qa.pkg:
2.We download the downloaded Pkg file to the USB flash drive.
3. Install the Toggle_qa.pkg from the Install package files.
4. It is necessary to make sure that during activation of Toggle QA nothing is connected to the USB ports of the device. Otherwise, the console will not reboot, but simply hang on a black screen.
5. Runs from xmb Rebug Toggle QA. After pressing, the screen turns black and the console restarts.
6. Check the performance. Tab "Settings", we go down to the tab "Network Settings". Without going to the “Network Setup” section, at the same time, press L1 + L2 + L3 (left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad down (Cross Down) . After clicking the buttons, three more tabs should appear under the “Network Settings” tab: “Edy viewer”, “Debug settings”, “Install package files”.

In connection with the release of the new firmware, you are free to choose the version you are interested in.
Preparing the firmware
1. Download the firmware Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.00
2. Download the firmware Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.03
3. Download the Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.04 firmware
4. Download the firmware Rogero CEX 4.30 v2.00
4. Downloaded * .PUP file renamed to PS3UPDAT.PUP
5. We throw this flash drive in the folder “Usb \ PS3 \ UPDATE \ PS3UPDAT.PUP

If there is a disk inside the drive, we extract it in order to avoid software conflicts of the firmware itself.
Then we can get to the Recovery menu by manipulating the power button, or by soft-pathing them with XMB.

Recovery menu
1. Turn off the console.
2. Press the power button and hold it until the console turns on and then turns off.
3. Release the button.
4. Again, hold down the power button, the first "beep", the second "double beep" and release the button.
5. The console will ask you to connect the gamepad via a USB cable.
6. Insert the flash drive with a pre-prepared firmware in the PS3.
7. Next we go to the tab “System Update” and begin to install the firmware.
8. You are the owner of Rogero CEX 4.30 .

Recovery menu from XMB
1. Download Condor Updater v2.0
2. Install from Install package files.
3. Run Condor Updater and after a few seconds we get to the Recovery menu.
4. Insert the flash drive with a pre-prepared firmware in the PS3.
5. Next, go to the tab “System Update” and begin to install the firmware.
6. You are the owner of Rogero CEX 4.30 .

If you wish, you can always return to the good old 3.55cfw.

Downgrade to 3.55
1. Download Downgrader Mirror
2. Rename the downloaded file to “PS3UPDAT.PUP” and throw it on the USB flash drive to “\ PS3 \ UPDATE \ PS3UPDAT.PUP”.
3. Insert the flash drive and go to xmb: "System update".
4. Install the downgrader.
5. After the installation of the Downgrader is completed, you will switch to the hybrid firmware 3.55, which in xmb will be defined as 4.30 (4.21 for those who did from it).
6.Dehashiruem / reset siscon (instructions see above).
7. Download "Rogero CEX-3.55CFW V3.7"
8. We throw it on the USB flash drive in "\ PS3 \ UPDATE \ PS3UPDAT.PUP".
9. Go to Recovery mode (instructions see above) and install pre-prepared firmware from there.
10. Now you are on " Rogero CEX-3.55CFW V3.7 ".
11. Download any 3.55cfw you need and dump it on the USB flash drive in "\ PS3 \ UPDATE \ PS3UPDAT.PUP".
12. Again, go to Recovery mode and install your 3.55cfw.
13. You are the owner of the 3.55cfw you need.

Transition from Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.00 / 01/02/03 / to Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.04
1.We do downgrade, according to the instructions written above, up to 3.55cfw.
2. We start the firmware version you are interested in.
3. Install the firmware from Recovery mode.

List of changes in versions
CFW 4.30 1.01
1.When the Ps button was pressed during the game, the XMB icons were fixed.
2. It is possible to start games from App_home.
3. Added noBD or noBT patches that allow installation on consoles with a broken drive / gamepad.

CFW 4.30 1.02
1. The dev_blind file is already built into the firmware.
2. Fixed the "Corrupted data" error when installing the firmware from the Recovery mode, which occurred with some users.
3. Added files to disable Cinavia protection in the firmware.

CFW 4.30 1.03.
1.The original Cinavia protection files were returned, as its deletion caused problems with video playback.

CFW 4.30 1.04
1. Removed all demo modes from Xmb (No more demo mode messages)
2. Added some changes to the firmware that eliminate the message "Data is corrupted"
3.Fix PlayStation Home v1.04.

CFW 4.30 2.0
1.Proshivka redone from scratch, based on OFW4.30 (without using files from DEX / SEX), with the original menu from OFW4.30 with all its functions
2. All problems of version 1.04 with broken XMB sorting and demo mode messages fixed
3. Removed "Install Package Files" menu items (packages are now installed from multiMAN 04.12.00 and higher)
4. Patched LV1 to remove LV2 protection
5. Patched LV1 with the addition of peek / poke support to replace hvc 182/183 (multiMAN Direct Disc Access now works in CFW4.21 / 4.30 v2.00)
6. Patched LV1 on disabling SYSTEM MANAGER INTEGRITY CHECK (to prevent BRIC on un-deched downgraded consoles)
7. Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check (to prevent BRIC on undescited downgraded consoles)
8. Patched LV2 with the addition of peek / poke support. (both in LV1 and LV2)
9. Patched VSH to add support for ReActPSN (Allows the use of unsigned act.dat and * .rif files, Disable act.dat removal)
10. Added a spoof to the latest OFW - 4.31.
11. Access to PSN / SEN will work until the current “password” is changed.
12. Downloading games from the App_home icon now works.
13.Now, games with keys up to 4.30 are launched without the need for Eboot / Sprx patching
14. Existing homebrew for 3.55 on this CFW cannot be started - they need to be re-signed before FW4.21 / 4.30