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Instructions for using "PS Jailbreak"

At the moment, you can run games downloaded from the Internet that are on a flash drive or an external and internal hard drive.

And in the near future there will be a launch from pigs, they are already writing software.

What is PS Jailbreak?
“This is a hacked version of a USB dongle used by developers to test and debug games and software not yet signed by $ ony. That is, before downloading the firmware, the PS3 console is switched to developer mode, allowing you to run unsigned code.

What is Backup Manager?
“This is a non-signed custom program that can be launched using the PS Jailbreak USB dongle, which has the functions of removing and playing back BRD disk images.

What is necessary for the functioning of the kit?
- USB dongle "PS Jailbreak".
- The program "Backup Manager".
- Installed on the console firmware 3.41, because Files have been optimized for this version.

What does this give us?
- No need for any console upgrades.
- Save console warranty.
- Fully Plug & Play solution.
- Easy to use and intuitive interface.
- Compatible with all PS3 models - FAT and SLIM, as well as support for all regions.
- Support for online games (if there are no "major updates" in the game).
- Support for Homebrew, that is, all kinds of software developers, not signed by $ ony.
- Ability to use backup copies compatible with "PS Jailbreak" on any console.
- There is no need for expensive BlueRay blanks and their long burning.
- Playing backups from your hard disk as fast as from a BlueRay disk.
- If the console is started without “PS Jailbreak”, it works normally, as after purchase (Retail).

On September 7, 2010, the next update 3.42 was released, in which the possibility of using “PS Jailbreak” was closed, and the rollback of the firmware was never possible. So keep in mind that if you upgrade the firmware higher, you will probably never return to the lower firmware.

Step # 1 - Checking the sewing version installed on the PS3.
  1. You must first make sure that you have the firmware installed exactly 3.41.
    Go to " Settings -> System Settings ":

  2. We get down almost to the bottom on the penultimate point " Information about the system "

  3. If your firmware is lower than 3.41, then you need to update it. Therefore, we proceed to the next step.

Step # 2 - Upgrade firmware from external media.
  1. Download and unzip archive with official firmware 3.41 [ archive with official firmware 3.41 ] [ archive with official firmware 3.41 ]
  2. Carefully learn the following pair of subtleties:
    • The following media can be used to install the firmware: Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, USB-Flash (USB Flash Drive), external USB 2.0 HDD (portable hard disk with USB 2.0 support) or PSP.
    • It is necessary that the media used for the firmware was formatted in FAT32, since the PlayStation 3 does not support the NTFS file system.
  3. We copy firmware on the carrier prepared by you. In order for the PS3 to see the firmware on the media, the firmware file should be in the following path: PS3 / UPDATE / PS3UPDAT.PUP (the names of the folders and the PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware file itself must be written in capital letters).
  4. Insert the media with the firmware in the playstation 3
  5. Go to the menu " Settings -> System Update "

  6. Select “ Update from media

  7. PlayStation 3 will check the current version of the firmware, and if there is a newer version of the firmware on the media, it will offer to update the firmware from the media.
  8. Make sure that the screen shows the update to 3.41 and you accidentally misled nothing, agree to the installation, accept the license agreement and start the installation of the firmware.
    • During the upgrade process, do not turn off or restart the PS3, as this may damage the system.
  9. After the installation of the firmware update is completed, the PS3 will reboot. The folder with the firmware update can now be removed from the media.

Step 3 - Installing Backup Manager on PS3
  1. Download and unzip archive with the installer Backup Manager [ archive with installer backup manager ] [ archive with installer backup manager ].
  2. Copy, directly to the root of your USB-drive manager.pkg file.
  3. Everything. The program is prepared for installation. Now, to install this program, you need to transfer the PS3 to developer mode using the magic USB dongle “PS Jailbreak”.
  4. Especially important! There should be no disk in the PS3 drive. And before connecting “PS Jailbreak”, we always start the console from scratch, dropping power and clearing the memory.
    That is, depending on the version of the console, before turning on you should:
    • PlayStation 3 FAT - Just turn off the rear console switch and turn it on again.
    • PlayStation 3 SLIM - It is important to unplug the power cord from the back of the console and then reconnect.
  5. We connect the magic USB dongle " PS Jailbreak " to any USB port on the console. No more USB devices should be currently connected.
  6. Press the console enable button and then press the "EJECT" button.
  7. Now we connect your USB-drive with the previously prepared program “Backup Manager”.
  8. You should have the “ Install Package Files ” submenu in the “Game” menu, in which you should see your manager.pkg file.
    • If the magic did not happen, then PS Jailbreak did not activate, i.e. The "EJECT" button was not pressed in time. Then you need to turn off the console again and perform all the operations with PS Jailbreak again.
  9. So. After seeing the "Install Package Files" and running the installation "manager.pkg", at the end of the installation you will see the Backup Manager program in the "Game" category.
  10. Everything! “Backup Manager” is installed in our system and we can delete the installer’s “manager.pkg” file from the USB drive. The next time, after activating the USB dongle "PS Jailbreak", you only need to run the previously installed Backup Manager program from the Game menu.

Step 4 - Using the Backup Manager
  1. Run the “Backup Manager”.
  2. Suppose we want to remove the disk image of the game. Insert the disc.
  3. In the previously empty manager window, you should see a thumbnail with the name of the game.
  4. Here you will be available 2 choices:
    • - run the game. Here everything seems to be clear.
    • - make a backup. Here we are given the opportunity to save the backup on any information store, whether it is an external USB drive or an internal hard disk of the console.
  5. Further, you can also download the game from the backup. But for this you need to have any disk in the drive to simulate the launch supposedly from the disk.
  6. When running from a backup, you will also have 2 choices available:
    • - delete the selected image.
    • - run the selected game. At the same time, you automatically exit to the usual XMB console menu and see this game in the “Game” category, from where you can now start it as usual.
Important note!
  • The image of the game is not one big file in the usual sense. And this is the extracted structure of individual folders and files, ordered in the same logical order as they are in the BRD disk itself. That is, at the root of the internal or external drive, a folder GAMEZ is created (applies to all, any games), inside of which there is a folder with the name of the game ID, for example BLES00680 , which contains the PS3_DIR folder, which contains USRDIR .
  • Thus, the cost of limiting the FAT32 file system to 4GB per file is because The image is not collected in one large file image, but in separate files in folders.
PS Jailbreak Compatibility List - Compatibility list of images taken with PS Jailbreak.
* In the Internal column - will it work from the internal hard disk?
* In the External column - will it work from an external USB-drive.