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Programs (software) for PSP part 1

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Mp3prx, allows you to:

1) Listen to music and SIMULTANEOUSLY view photos, use a browser, play Games, HomeBrew.
2) Change the frequency of the processor (CPU)

1) Download the archive with the plugin.
2) Copy the seplugins folder to the root of the map.

1) Go to the Recovery Menu (Turn off the PSP completely, wait three seconds, then hold down the R button and, without releasing it, turn on the console.)
2) Activate Plugins (Plugins -> Enabled)

SELECT + ↑ - Increase Volume.
SELECT + ↓ - Decrease Volume.
SELECT + → - Play / Stop.
SELECT + L - Previous track.
SELECT + R - The next track.
SELECT + ∆ - Increase the frequency of the CPU.
SELECT + X - Decrease the frequency of the CPU.
SELECT + ○ - Show / Hide Mp3 and Cpu Information.
SELECT + ← - Seq Playback Mode (In order) / Rand (Scatter).

Download software for PSP Mp3prx [ Mp3prx ] [ Mp3prx ]


Brushes is one of the best and most beautiful drawers for PSP. With it, you can draw very beautiful drawings. You can import your own brushes, backgrounds and effects into the program. The program supports * .JPG and * .PNG formats.


- The Select button is responsible for calling up the menu, where we can select effects, brushes and paint mode.
- The Start button is responsible for calling up a menu in which we can save the picture, import the saved picture (maybe the background on which you want to draw), reset the current picture and On Off. USB mode (for example, if you want to quickly import new brushes, backgrounds or transfer to your computer the picture you just made).
- The analogue is responsible for managing the brush.
During drawing, the left / right buttons are responsible for changing the speed of movement of the brush.
- The left shift L (the left transparent button on top) is responsible for switching between brush No. 1 and brush No. 2.
- The right shift R (the right transparent button on top) hides / shows the brush again (for example, if you have a large brush and you want to see what's under it).
- The cross (X), as you might guess, we draw.
- Circle (O) cancels the last action.
- A square ([]) when using the "Line Tool" drawing mode, you can move the brush to the desired location.


- Brush # 1 (brush number 1, the main brush). Left / right arrows select the brush which we will draw.
- Brush # 2 (brush No. 2, auxiliary brush). Use the left / right arrows to select a brush. It is necessary if you know in advance what you will draw, and what kind of brushes you will need, then you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the right one, but simply press the left shift L (the right transparent button at the top).
- Effect (effects). Use the left / right arrows to select the desired effect and cross (X) on off. effects. The effect is superimposed on top of the brush. To apply the effect under the brush, press the square ([]).
- Layer (layers). Left / Right arrows to switch between layers and a cross (X) On Off specific layer. Suppose you draw on one layer (1), then draw something on another (2), and then you can layer (2) a layer on top of (1).
- Drawmode (drawing modes). Left / right arrows to switch between modes.

- Normal mode, normal mode. Side by side mode, the brush becomes two. Random mode, scatters our brush. Line Tool mode, we control a small square from which there is a line to the brush itself and the brush smoothly follows the line.

- Vertical mode, the background (on which we draw) is divided in half (the vertical line can be adjusted with the up / down arrows), and what we draw from one half of the background is repeated to the other and, if desired, you can get a very beautiful, symmetrical picture.

What - where to throw / pick up:

Brushes v2.0Brushes - here we throw brushes.
Brushes v2.0Effects - effects here.
Brushes v2.0My Works - here we throw the backgrounds (on which you will draw), and also the drawings that you painted are saved here.
Brushes v2.0SystemDataGraphics - If you want to slightly modify the program.



Download software for PSP Brushes [ Brushes ] [ Brushes ]

PSP Radio


This program allows you to listen to various Internet radio stations using Wi-Fi on your PSP. Large selection of music, user-friendly interface, and fairly stable operation. She also knows how to play music from a memory card.


1) Download the archive (4 MB)
2) Throw the PSPRadio folder to PSP / GAME150 /
3) Launch from the menu Game -> Memory Stick.

Download software for PSP [ PSP Radio ] [ PSP Radio ]


A very useful and convenient thing in everyday life, at school and probably everywhere. Sloynik is an excellent translator from Russian to English. and vice versa. Moreover, you can insert your dictionaries into this program if you find the initial vocabulary too small.


1. Download the Sloynik archive
2. Throw the folders% __ SCE__Sloynik and __SCE__Sloynik to PSP / GAME150 /
3. Launch from the menu Game -> Memory Stick.

Download software for PSP [ Sloynik ] [ Sloynik ]

PSP Universal Remote Control

Homebrew to control your TV, DVD, stereo system and so on.


1) Download the archive.
2) Copy the PSP and remotes folders to the root of the map.

From the menu "Game -> Memory Stick -> Universal Remote Control".


Square - Selection of the model of the device,
Circle - Management,
Triangle - Exit


Run the program, press the square, select the brand of the device, select the model of the device, press the circle and control.

Figures - channels
Power - enable
Sleep - turn off

For better control, hold the PSP so that the infrared port points toward the infrared port of the instrument.

Download software for PSP PSP Universal Remote Control [ PSP Universal Remote Control ] [ PSP Universal Remote Control ]

PSPIrDA v 0.0.2

The program is designed to transfer and send files via the infrared port available on the PSP between the phone, PDA, PC and PSP.

1) Unzip the file
2) Connect the PSP to the computer
3) Copy the contents of the archive ( to PSP / GAME / GAME150 /

4) To start, go to the main menu in the Game -> Memory Stick


Main menu:
Accept file - []
Send file - X
Exit - Triangle

Submission Menu:
Selecting the directory to send - Right, left
Back - Triangle
Submit - X

File Acceptance Menu:
Choosing a directory to accept - Right, Left
Go to the folder - Oh
Accept - X
Back - Triangle

Download software for PSP PSPIrDA v 0.0.2 [ PSPIrDA v 0.0.2 ] [ PSPIrDA v 0.0.2 ]

A set of themes for official firmware 3.70 and 3.71

1) Download the archive with themes (3.2 MB)
2) Connect the PSP to the computer via USB
3) File with a theme (theme in ptf format) drop it onto a memory card in the PSP / THEME / folder
4) Installing a theme from the Settings menu -> Theme

The name of the topics in the archive
1) Classy Pink
2) Cookies
3) Lemmings
4) Pursuit Force 1
5) Pursuit Force 2
6) Pursuit Force 3
7) Pursuit Force 4
8) Pursuit Force 5
9) Pursuit Force 6
10) Wipeout


Download software for PSP A set of themes for official firmware 3.70 and 3.71 [ A set of themes for official firmware 3.70 and 3.71 ] [ A set of themes for official firmware 3.70 and 3.71 ]


This plugin is designed to take PSP photos and video screenshots from the screen. Photo in PNG format, video in GIF format.

1. Download the archive.
2. We throw the seplugins folder into the root of the memory card.
3. The folders __SCE__SVCPlayer and% __ SCE__SVCPlayer are put in X: / PSP / GAME150 /. This is a program for normal playback of video recorded using this plugin.
4. Next, go to the Recovery menu, in the Plugins section.
5. We activate both lines there and exit the recovery.

Make ScreenShot - note
Normal quality video - hold R and press a note
Super quality video - hold L and R and press a note
Stop recording - Press a note

To see screenshots, go to the Photos menu, to watch a video, go to the Game -> Memory Stick menu, launch SVC Player and watch.

Left, Right - video selection
X - play

The video is saved at ms0: / PSP / PHOTO / SVCPlayer.
The photo is saved at ms0: / PSP / PHOTO. Screenshots:

Download software for PSP SVCPlayer [ SVCPlayer ] [ SVCPlayer ]

IRShell 3.7

Update of the Famous IRShell.

New items:

1) Added compatibility with m33 3.71 (for bbw PSP) Changes in remotejoy.
2) Improved compatibility with UMD games. Saving boot dialogs no longer cause glitches.
3) The ability to play together on the network in Psone games using usbhostfs / nethostfs and PC joysticks with a keyboard.
4) Compatibility of the program with pops loader from M33. Doesn't work on firmware 3.71
5) Compatibility of the file browser of the program with Video ISO. The function also works via USBHostFS & NETHostFS.
6) The new startup plugin has gone through. Works for all firmware including 3.71


Download software for PSP [ IRShell 3.7 ] [ IRShell 3.7 ]

PSPComic v0.9.8


A nice HomeBrew program for PSP with firmware 3.03 OE-X and higher. Allows reading on PSP comics.


1) User friendly interface.
2) Simple operation.
3) Eight times zoom.
4) View anime / manga comics.
5) Viewing is possible from WinRar or WinZip archives with * .rar and * .zip extensions.
6) Removed mp3 plugin.


1) Copy the folders __SCE__pspcomic and% __ SCE__pspcomic to the folder X: / PSP / GAME150 / (X is the memory card).
2) Create a comics folder in the root of the memory card.
3) Archive all the pictures of your comic in one archive (either rar or zip) with the name of the Latin letters and without spaces. For example, Futurama_01.
4) Write the archive with the comic to the comics folder.

Instructions for use:

1) Go to the PSP in the "Games" -> "Memory Stick" section and run the PSP Comic program from there.
2) From the list, select a comic and press X. Go to your favorite comics!


Up, Down, Left, Right and Joystick - Move in the picture
R trigger - To the next picture
L trigger - To the previous picture
Select - Maximum Zoom / Normal Zoom
Start - Exit to the menu.

? - Zoom

X - Delay

O - turn clockwise

? - turn counterclockwise

Download software for PSP PSPComic v0.9.8 [ PSPComic v0.9.8 ] [ PSPComic v0.9.8 ]
Yes, and also, you probably noticed that when you throw Homebrew Programs or Games, “Damaged Data” appears along with the Program or Game in order to fix this, you just need to rename the file from “%” to “% __ SCE__ File Name”, and another file in “__SCE__ File Name” or go to Recovery Menu-> Configuration-> Hide Corrupt icons (only for custom firmware: OE and M33).