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The national domain name registrar, Imena.UA, is today the recognized leader of the Ukrainian market

Национальный регистратор доменных имен — компания Imena.UA — является сегодня признанным лидером украинского рынка

Possessing the best in the country technological and human resources, Imena.UA company for more than 12 years retains the leading position in the Internet services market, constantly expanding the range of its offers and continuing to serve the largest number of subscribers in Ukraine.

Since 2001, Imena.UA has constantly worked and continues to work on improving and speeding up the main technological procedures, so we are always ready to offer our customers the simplest, most effective and reliable mechanism for registering domain names in all domain zones of the Internet.

At the moment, the main activities of the company are:

  • Registration of domain names for companies, organizations and individuals in all existing domain zones in the world.
  • Registration of Ukrainian top-level domains .UA (if the Customer has a registered trademark).
  • Registration of new trademarks in the Patent Office of Ukraine on behalf of the Customer.
  • Provision of web hosting services.

Among the most important advantages of using our services:

  • An extremely simple and prompt procedure for registering all domain names (1-2 days).
  • Providing the Customer with a fully functional on-line control panel for their own domain names.
  • Possibility of the fastest start of the Customer's web-site on the principle of "single window": domain registration + web site hosting + e-mail + management + consultation + protection.
  • Implementation of 24-hour server monitoring by the company's specialists.
  • The presence of nameserver located in different subnets and on different technical platforms, which ensures maximum reliability of their operation.
  • Automatic statement of account for legal entities and individuals with the possibility of payment through various payment systems (bank branches, UkrPochta, Visa and MasterCard payment cards, WebMoney).
  • The highest professional level of specialists, as well as qualified technical and customer support by phone and e-mail.

The constant quality of our service, the stability and speed of operation, the ability to resolve all related issues, consolidated our status of a reliable partner of the largest domestic and foreign companies, a host of highly respected organizations and a large number of individuals.

Registration by the Customer of any domain name with the help of Imena.UA is secured by an official Certificate attesting to its rights to use this domain.

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