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Increased combustion, reduced friction losses, increased power

Системы, способствующие увеличению полноты сгорания и уменьшению потерь бензина
In the engines of our cars (gasoline or diesel) fuel burns extremely inefficiently! The combustibility of air-fuel mixtures in engines is low, non-combustible solid particles in the fuel are deposited in the form of soot and scale in the combustion chambers on the valve system. Carbon deposits and scale, deposited on the valves, prevent their tight closing. As a result, part of the fuel, without burning, through the exhaust valves not seated in the saddles, when the piston moves up, goes into the exhaust manifold and further into the atmosphere.

Even more destructive consequences for the operation of the engine are scale that forms in the combustion chambers of the engine. At high temperatures, the scale heats up, turning into a kind of "spark plug". When the fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber, the process of its ignition from the scale starts immediately (imagine dozens of “spark plugs” igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber — experts call this “glow ignition”). The energy released in this case prevents the piston from moving to top dead center, thereby performing NEGATIVE WORK. At the time of the long-awaited spark from a real spark plug, there is already no compression in the cylinder: part of the fuel, without igniting, went into the exhaust through leaks in the seats in the seats, the main part of the fuel ALREADY burned, igniting from the scale. Having reached the top point, the piston receives a weak impulse and moves downward, rotating, the crankshaft (useful work) and overcoming the resistance of other pistons, which are inhibited by "hot ignition" ("Sisyphus labor").

Thus, only 40% of the fuel performs useful work in the engine.

A bleak picture, isn't it?

The task is simple - you need to increase the completeness of fuel combustion!

Цены на бензин всех марок
Firstly, less combustible mixture , which did not have time to burn, will fly into the atmosphere, and will exert additional force on the engine pistons.

Secondly, there will be no soot and scale , therefore, there will be no “glow ignition”, the valve system will be tight, the piston, reaching its top dead center, will create working compression, the only spark from the spark plug will ignite the fuel mixture, PRACTICALLY ALL energy of which will go to useful work - rotation of the engine crankshaft!

Our company offers various systems that contribute to increasing the completeness of combustion and reducing friction losses in all components and assemblies, respectively, increasing power and, as a result, fuel economy. All of them passed repeated tests, including on our cars. Therefore, we with full confidence in their safety and benefit suggest you take advantage of these achievements.

Intended Goods

Popular goods

Ecotuning Kit

The Ecotuning Kit consists of two parts: it processes the fuel and acts on the air. Thanks to the joint work of 2 devices, highly efficient fuel combustion with maximum return on the piston is obtained, torque and power increase. It is mounted without interference with the design of the vehicle. For any type of fuel. For cars and trucks. Fuel economy 10-25%. The increase in power is 7-10%.


“SuperAquaCar” - intensification of the combustion process by enriching the fuel-air mixture with Brown gas (hydrogen and oxygen), obtained from water by electrolysis. For vehicles with diesel fuel. For cars and trucks. Fuel economy 15-30%. The increase in power is 7-20%.


"Ecomax" - water injection system. The system eliminates detonation, provides a reduction in fuel consumption, allows you to switch to low octane gasoline. For any type of fuel. For cars and trucks. Fuel economy 15-30%. The increase in power is 7-20%.

Eco Activator

"Eco-activator" - helps to increase the completeness of fuel combustion through pre-treatment in magnetic fields, which allows you to: Reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%. Increase engine power by 5-15%. Reduce the amount of harmful emissions.


Ecotope is a simple and effective method of fuel economy for carburetor ICE vehicles. At the same time, it allows for the implementation of simple vortex mixing devices to reduce the toxicity of vehicle exhaust gases. Fuel economy 10-15%. The increase in power is 5-10%.

Эмулятор лямбда-зонда
"Lambda probe emulator"

"Lambda probe emulator" of a catalytic converter. Used when removing catalyst. The emulator is designed to process the signal from the lambda probe according to the algorithm of the working catalyst.

Эмулятор лямбда зонда и MAF SK-04
"The emulator of the lambda probe MAF SK-04"

“The emulator of the lambda probe and MAF SK-04” is designed to recreate (emulate) the signals of lambda probes and any analog signal in the range 0 ... 5V. It is possible to correct the mixture in certain modes of the motor using a computer. The ability to replace the standard air flow sensor. Possibility of obtaining fuel economy or increasing power


"Pulse" - improves the operation of all electrical equipment in the car , which leads to an improvement in the operation of the injection engine, improves spark formation, removes the load from the generator due to easier and faster battery charging. For vehicles 12 V and 24 V. Fuel savings of up to 10% are possible.

Эмулятор сажевого фильтра СК-05
“Emulator of particulate filter SK-05”

The "particulate filter emulator SK-05" is designed to completely remove the particulate filter on diesel engines with a Common rail injection system. Diesel cars meeting the requirements of the Euro - 4 standard and equipped with particulate filters appeared in 2001. The Euro-4 standard itself has been operating in Europe since 2005, the Euro-5 standard has been operating in Europe since 2009.


"AirWing" is an aerodynamic element for buses, minibuses in a suburban cycle. Fuel economy 10-20%.

Фильтры нулевого сопротивления K&N
"Filters of zero resistance K&N"

"Filters of zero resistance K&N" - Fuel economy of 5-7%.


AKOR anti-corrosion cathodic protection device for 6 electrodes included

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