Aerodynamic elements of AirWing

Aerodynamic elements "AirWing" are turbulence vortex flows and designed specifically for today's speeds.

These elements allow you to get rid of the so-called air bag, which each car pulls behind him behind him.

In fact, this reduces the load on the engine, which now needs less effort to drive the car at the same speed. As a consequence, reduced fuel consumption. This technology is widely used by large aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, etc.) to improve the efficiency of their aircraft.

When using the erodynamic elements of "AirWing" you get:

  • Fuel economy up to 11%
  • A clear view through the rear window during rain or in dusty conditions
  • Increases the stability of the vehicle on the road

The set consists of 7 elements, the number of which can be increased if necessary.