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Ecotuning Oil

Additive in oil "Ekotuning Oil" is designed to protect against wear, restore the shape of worn parts and improve the technical parameters of engines (gasoline, diesel or gas). It has pronounced protective properties. Especially effective for engines that are in intensive use: commercial cargo / passenger traffic, taxis, quarry and agricultural machinery, turbocharged engines, diesel engines, sports engines, etc.).

The actions of this product are aimed at protecting and restoring the rubbing surfaces of vehicle parts and the complex effect on the whole mechanism as a whole during operation.

Additive in oil "Ekotuning Oil" creates an extremely low coefficient of friction, has a high impact strength. As a filler, ultrafine diamonds (UDD) are used, it has high corrosion resistance due to bonding of atomic hydrogen, high electrical resistance, high refractoriness. Possesses enhanced abrasion properties (friction coefficient up to 0.004)

When Ecotuning Oil is added to the oil, the soft components fill irregularities on the surfaces of the contact spots and do not allow the ridges to be cleaved.

Additive "Ecotuning Oil" stops chemical destruction of metal, stops production in friction vapors, strengthens metal in places of contact spots, preserves the mechanism from wear and acts as a dry lubricant.

The composition of the additive contains combustion catalysts, contributing to an increase in the completeness of combustion of fuel, which leads to a decrease in exhaust emissions.

The use of EcoTune Oil in the engine results in:

  • - The appearance of a durable coating with a super low friction coefficient
  • - The geometry of parts is restored to the most ergonomic sizes.
  • - Increased compression
  • - Increase engine life by 70-90 thousand kilometers (depending on the load mode) with a single use
  • - Increase in engine power by 10-20% due to the release of energy, previously spent on overcoming the friction forces, as well as due to sealing technological gaps and increasing the combustion efficiency
  • - Fuel savings of 10-20%
  • - Cleaning the engine from carbon deposits
  • - Facilitate start-up during the cold season
  • - Restoration of elasticity of epiploons
  • - Reducing engine noise and more elastic work
  • - Reducing harmful emissions

The use of the EcoTune Oil additive in the transmission results in:

  • - Increase of the lifespan from 250 000 to 350 000 km with a one-time treatment
  • - Reducing the friction force in the friction pairs, respectively, to improve the roll forward
  • - Fuel economy up to 7%
  • - Reduce noise operation

The combined use of the EcoTune Oil additive in the engine and transmission results in fuel savings of up to 25%, as well as in a significant increase in the life of all the machined components and mechanisms.