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Emulator lambda probe and MAF SK-04

Эмулятор лямбда зонда и MAF SK-04

The emulator lambda probe and MAF SK-04 is designed to recreate (emulate) the signals of lambda probes and any analog signal in the range 0 ... 5V. It is possible to correct the mixture in certain modes of the motor using a computer.

Reconstruction of the signal of the zirconium lambda probe is carried out by analyzing the signals from the mass air flow sensor (MAF) and the fuel injector, followed by their comparison with the table. The base table is written by the manufacturer or in the process of self-training of the emulator (Fig. 2). Using the capabilities of the emulator, a correction of the fuel mixture can be made. By agreement, emulators for a titanium lambda probe with a signal of 0 ... 5 Volts can be supplied.

It is possible to switch the emulation tables of the lambda probe using an external switch. This is necessary, for example, when switching to a power or economy mode, propane or gasoline (for HBO).

The analog signal is recreated in accordance with a 3-dimensional map. In the table (map), the voltage values ​​at the output of the emulator are prescribed, which are tied to the speed, injection time or air flow. This function can be used to emulate the MAF signal (DMF) of the sensor even if it is absent. This approach allows you to get rid of this sensor. The MAF signal can be reproduced by converting the signal from the MAP, which is set if necessary (the price of the MAP sensor from the Daewoo Lanos is about $ 25).

The SK-04 emulator is equipped with software that allows you to connect it to a computer, read and write all parameters in real time, read fuel consumption, and configure without stopping the engine. The output of data on graphs is provided. It is possible to save and record signal emulation tables (Fig. 1). Due to the fact that it is possible to adjust the tables, it is possible to adjust the fuel mixture separately at various engine operating modes.

The device can work with DMRV (MAF), having both an analog output and a pulse.

Запись параметров инжектора времени

Figure 1. Recording parameters of the time injector.
The lambda and MAF emulator program can output (in the form of a graph) to the monitor screen and save the following parameters to a file:
Speed, injection time, voltage from MAF (MAP readings are converted to the relative amount of air), voltage from lambda, fuel consumption is instantaneous and total.

Кривая эмулятора лямбда зонда (датчика кислорода)

Figure 2. Curve of the emulator lambda probe (oxygen sensor).
This graph with the table determines the ratio of fuel and air to emulate the lambda signal. If an absolute pressure sensor (MAP) is used, then the voltage from it is converted to the relative air flow.

If a mass air flow sensor (DMRV, MAF) is used, then the current amount of fuel is compared with the voltage from the DMRV.

Эмуляция аналогового сигнала MAF по 3-х мерной таблице

Figure 3. Emulation of an analog MAF signal according to a 3-dimensional table.
The output signal is generated based on:
1. The frequency of rotation of the crankshaft;
2. You can choose one of the preferences:
a) Input voltage;
b) Estimated air flow (calculated on the basis of speed and readings of an external MAP sensor);
d) Fuel injection time

Эмуляция аналогового сигнала MAF по 2-х мерной таблице.

Figure 4. Emulation of an analog MAF signal according to a 2-dimensional table.
The output signal is generated based on the calculated air flow rate or voltage at the input of the emulator. You can also specify that the signal would be formed based on fuel consumption.

What does the emulator give?

- Allows you to get rid of a zirconium or titanium lambda probe

- It makes it possible to replace a standard air flow sensor (MAF sensor) with a cheap absolute pressure sensor (MAP - $ 25)

- Possibility of obtaining fuel economy or power increase with the appropriate setting of the fuel mixture

- Receiving from the table any signal with a level from 0 to 5V, which can be used for almost any purpose.