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ROCHER is a common brand for a family of chemical products. When describing products of the ROCHER family, the generic name of the Product or Product is used.

The product is designed to protect various electrical and electronic systems from high humidity, water. It has the properties of moisture displacement, moisture insulation, electrical insulation, lubricating properties, corrosion protection, differs from analogues with excellent key characteristics, which allows it to be used also in a number of other applications - as a preservative of metal surfaces unprotected by other methods; lubricating agent with a wide range of applications, including operation under negative (up to -70 ° C) and high temperatures (+ 250 ° C).

From a scientific point of view, the problem of creating such a tool consists in the selection and synthesis of components that would solve the problem of high adhesion of the agent to a deposited substrate of various materials and would form a strong and flexible film with the desired characteristics. In addition, it is of fundamental importance that such selection of components for varieties of Means that would solve narrowly stated tasks with greater efficiency, for example, in electrical insulation, even at the expense of lubricating properties.


The investigations were carried out in the field of various organic and organometallic polymers together with the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical Technology. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Particular attention was paid to the processability of the substrate processing process, so that it could be quickly and conveniently applied to the surface of any shape.

The product forms a film, which, due to its strength, elasticity and fluidity, penetrates into the smallest indentations.

The product is a product packed in aerosol cans of different capacities with a mixture of organosilicon polymers, purified aliphatic and naphthenic hydrocarbons, antioxidants, anticorrosive additives, where an ozone-friendly composition consisting of a mixture of propane-butane and tetramethylsilane is used as a propellant.

The tool has an unusually high adhesion to metal surfaces and, together with a large dielectric constant, has unique electrical insulating properties that are manifested in maintaining and even restoring the electrical conductivity of electrical and electronic parts after they have been exposed to moisture.

Thus, the Means can be used even when the electrical contacts that need to be protected are already wet. A few minutes after spraying the composition, they regain their performance.

When applying the product, a film is formed on the surface of the metal, which not only displaces and repels water, acting as an insulator, but also an excellent lubricant for rubbing parts, as well as locks, door hinges, bearings, etc.

The product is insoluble in water. For this reason, and along with the drug's resistance to widely used surfactants, the product guarantees a reliable and long-term protection against moisture. This circumstance makes it possible to use the Agent as a protection of metal surfaces against rust. Steam, water condensate, spray, rain, fog, dew and other aggregate water conditions - are isolated by the Agent, preventing corrosion of the metal.

The film, formed by the Medium on the surface of objects, is resistant to the action of oxygen of air and ultraviolet and retains its moisture-repellent properties for a long time. Therefore, the Agent can be used as a preserving agent for storing metal structures in open warehouses or in conditions of high humidity.


ROCHER-Motorist is intended for use on all types of transport and special means with the voltage of on-board power supply up to 24 Volts. In the formulation of the Means, components that increase the penetrating property of the product are added, allowing the ROCHER-Motorist to be used as a liquid key.

ROCHER-Motorist has excellent lubricating properties.

Protects the car terminals from penetration of moisture and oxidation. Widely used in car washes when washing the engine, for jeeps when driving on rough terrain, as well as in many other areas where it is required to protect the terminals from penetration of moisture.


ROKHER-Electric is designed for preventive protection of electric networks with a voltage of 220 volts inclusive of moisture. It is permissible to increase the protective layer by repeated application of the product. Virtually no lubricating properties. Allows the treatment of wet surfaces, contact groups, etc.

ROCHER-Electric is designed for preventive protection of electronic and electrical equipment and contact groups of vehicles.

A significant number of failures in the electrical equipment of vehicles, due to the fact that, despite all the efforts of developers to protect the electrical circuits and contact groups, water, still "finds" the open areas of electrical wiring, unprotected parts of electrical boards, not isolated properly contact terminals. A further exposure to moisture results in a short circuit between the multipolar elements of the electrical circuit and the failure of the device.

Often, the corrosive effect on the contact terminals, especially those located in potentially hazardous locations, leads to breakage of the wiring in the place of the corroded terminal connection.

To such places in cars and trailers are:

  • Rear lights and separately located parking lights
  • stop lamps, direction indicators
  • fog lights
  • electric connector of trailer and semitrailer
  • located in the rear overhang of the body of the car, or on the rear underrun bar
  • Side marker lights
  • unprotected front lighting elements on heavy-duty and all-wheel drive vehicles - high and low beam headlights
  • fog lights
  • turn signals located in the bumper of the car
  • Other elements of electric circuits located in places of potential impact of moisture

The greatest positive effect is achieved when ROCHER-Electric is used in the conditions of assembly of a car (trailer), when the protected elements are mounted on a vehicle and have not yet been hit by them, neither water nor road dirt.

The ability to apply the ROCHER-Electric means with the help of compressed air makes it possible to fit into the technological map of the vehicle assembly without any problems, an operation to protect electric vehicle elements from the potential impact of moisture. Viscosity of the composition, drying time to the required GOST degrees, industrial packaging at the request of the consumer, allows the use of standard equipment for its application.

The economic effect of ROCHER-Electric is achieved due to a significant reduction in the number of failures of the above electrical equipment during the warranty period of operation of the vehicle and the corresponding savings to service centers for claims of complaint related to the elimination of such technical failures.

Performance characteristics of ROCHER-Electric:

  • The temperature range of use, which obviously closes possible maxima and minima of temperatures of atmospheric air, and heating of elements under the sun
  • exceptional adhesion to metals and plastics
  • transparency of applied layer
  • mechanical strength of the polymerized coating
  • resistance to acidic and salty environments
  • resistance to ultraviolet and salt fog

The declared characteristics of the product allow the manufacturer to be sure that the electrical equipment processed by ROCHER-Electric means can withstand not only the water mist formed by the spray, but also the repeated immersion in water.

With the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer, the service centers should re-process the contact groups of electrical devices located in potentially dangerous places in the car after the warranty period of operation or mileage, and subsequently regularly with a similar time period (for example, once a year or after 60,000 km of run ), it is possible not only to save the consumer from malfunctions, but also to obtain an economic benefit by selling ROCHER-Electric in aerosol packaging pendulum self-service network.

ROCHER-Electric is manufactured exclusively from chemical components produced by domestic enterprises and is an innovative development based on long-term research of profile chemical institutes and laboratories.

The claimed characteristics of ROCHER-Electric are confirmed by appropriate tests of certified and accredited laboratories, as well as by tests of various industrial consumers.

ROKHER-Electric is successfully used for the processing of sports cars, motorcycles and ATVs participating in the championship of the Russian Federation on trophy raids.

ROKHER-Electric has all the necessary technical conditions for its production and application, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, a certificate of conformity.

Recipe means ROCHER-Electric and its trademarks are the intellectual property of the developer.

The novelty of ROCHER-Electric means is confirmed by the diploma for the victory in the contest of Russian innovations conducted by the magazine "Expert".

Application in construction.

ROCHER-Electric is used to protect electrical circuits, contact groups, electronic and electromechanical equipment, whose operation can be disturbed by moisture, water mist, water, condensation.

Below is an approximate list of electrical devices and equipment, the processing of which by means of ROCHER-Electric, will minimize the economic losses that result from the failure of electrical and electronic equipment from the harmful effects of moisture.

The processing of open areas of electrical connections by means of ROCHER-Electric, including in electric guards, junction boxes, sockets and switches, indoors, basement and with high humidity - baths, shower rooms and washrooms, washers, etc., will protect electric circuit from short circuit and failure, even in cases of flooding (interstore and flood).

Additional processing of open areas of electric and electronic circuits of street lighting at the stage of their production, will avoid the failure of lighting devices as a result of negligent installation or heavy rainfall.

The processing of elements of electronic and electrical control of street equipment at the stages of their production and installation, will save their users from the problems associated with exposure to moisture. Such devices include: drive mechanisms of barriers and automatic gates, telephones, parking devices, semaphores and traffic lights, video intercoms and electromechanical locks, external elements of security systems (video cameras, sensors), a variety of antennas.

Additional processing of electric tools and electronic equipment used in the open air - radio stations, measuring instruments, grinding, cutting and drilling machines, while sufficiently protected from moisture by the manufacturers themselves, nevertheless do not allow a brief immersion in the aquatic environment. Preventive processing of such equipment by ROCHER-Electric means in most cases will protect it from failure, even as a result of falling into water.


ROCHER-Vodnik is designed for use on small boats of all types - motor yachts, hydrocycles, outboard motors, in electric engines and devices operated on water vehicles.

It differs from other varieties Means the possibility of exploitation in conditions of salt water, constant high humidity and mold formation. Can be used as a preservative of metal products and parts on water vehicles and small boats.

A significant number of failures in the operation of electric equipment for water vehicles is due to the fact that, despite all the efforts of the developers to protect the electric circuits and contact groups, the water "finds" open sections of electric wiring, unprotected sections of electrical boards, uninsulated contact terminals. A further exposure to moisture results in a short circuit between the multipolar elements of the electrical circuit and the failure of the device.

Often, the corrosive effect on the contact terminals, especially those located in potentially hazardous locations, leads to breakage of the wiring in the place of the corroded terminal connection.

Such places in water transport vessels include:

  • Contact groups and electric circuits located in the drill wells, providing power from the batteries.
  • Connections of electric circuits of all kinds, located in the inter-corpus space of yachts and small vessels.
  • Elements of electrical circuits of electronic equipment, including an additional installed - audio system, hands-free system, light signaling and others, in potentially accessible water places - in open cockpits, on the deck of the ship and so on.
  • Elements of electronic sensors mounted on mast cloaks, guard rails, stationary auxiliary arcs.
  • Ignition system on gasoline engines of hydrocycles and outboard motors.
  • Radio navigation equipment and antenna connections
  • Other elements of electrical circuits located in places, the potential impact of moisture.

The greatest positive effect is achieved when using the ROCHER-Vodnik in the conditions of creating a ship, when the protected elements are mounted on it, and they have not yet been hit, neither water nor road dirt (during transportation).

The ability to apply ROCHER-Vodnik with compressed air makes it possible to fit into the technological map of the ship's assembly, an operation to protect electrical elements from the potential impact of moisture. Viscosity of the composition, drying time to the required GOST degrees, industrial packaging at the request of the consumer, allows the use of standard equipment for its application.

The economic effect of ROCHER-Vodnik is achieved due to a significant reduction in the number of failures of the above-mentioned electrical equipment during the warranty period of the ship's operation and the corresponding savings to service centers for complaints related to the elimination of such technical failures.


ROKHER-Extreme is designed for preventive treatment of the interiors of various electronic devices - radio stations, radiotelephones, devices and accessories - tourist, ski, etc. to protect against possible exposure to moisture, as well as create a moisture-suppressing coating, which will prevent from freezing when negative temperatures of water come on moving parts of equipment. Can be used as a convenient moisture-displacing coating for tourist products made of leather, including footwear.

It differs from other varieties of Means by a special formulation, which makes it possible to create a more resistant to temperature difference, coating

ROKER-Extreme is used for preventive additional protection of electronic equipment, which during operation can be damaged by short-term immersion in the aquatic environment, wetting due to heavy precipitation, condensation of moisture.

The ROCHER-Extreme product does not replace the protection against moisture and does not allow the creation of completely waterproof electronic equipment by treatment.

ROKER-Extreme means in many cases to avoid the complete failure of expensive electronic equipment as a result of its fall into water, and in emergency cases, even allows operation in wet and wet condition of the device.

The ROCHER-Extreme product allows the creation of a protective coating for metal equipment, items and parts of equipment that are susceptible to corrosion. In particular, it creates a moisture-repellent layer in moving nodes and matings in order to avoid icing of the node.

ROKER-Extreme is used to create a transparent moisture-repellent coating for leather elements of tourist and mountaineering shoes and equipment, and can be used even on a flexible surface. The agent can be used both on new leather products and on former, while unlike conventional creams, the composition will retain its performance for a much longer time due to its exceptional adhesion.

ROKER-Extreme can be used for additional protection of tourist electric equipment from short circuit due to water.

The method of application of ROCHER-Extreme is simple and effective, it is enough to shake the aerosol can and apply the agent to the surface being treated, regardless of its configuration. After drying, the composition forms a protective layer which, after polymerization, forms a stable and mechanically strong transparent coating with high dielectric, moisture-displacing and water-protective properties.

Средство РОХЕР-Экстрим изготавливается исключительно из химических компонентов, производимых отечественными предприятиями, и является инновационной разработкой, основанной на многолетних исследованиях профильных химических институтов и лабораторий.

Заявленные характеристики средства РОХЕР-Экстрим подтверждены соответствующими испытаниями сертифицированных и аккредитованных лабораторий, а также испытаниями различных промышленных потребителей.

Средство РОХЕР-Экстрим обладает всеми необходимыми для его производства и применения техническими условиями, санитарно-эпидемиологическими заключениями, сертификатом соответствия.

Рецептура средства РОХЕР-Экстрим и его товарные знаки являются интеллектуальной собственностью разработчика.

Новизна средства РОХЕР-Экстрим подтверждена дипломом за победу в конкурсе русских инноваций, проводимого журналом "Эксперт".