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Pulse (Fuel Saving and Power Increase)

A unique device for cars. Suitable for all types of cars on gasoline, diesel fuel and gas with electronic injection system of 12 V.

The device emits an electronic pulse, which improves the operation of all electrical equipment in the car, automatically determines the voltage, and sets the optimal parameters for itself, which leads to an improvement in the operation of the injection engine, improves sparking, relieves the load from the generator due to easier and faster battery charging.

What gives this device:

  • - protects the battery and increases its resource by 2-3 times
  • - facilitates engine starting, especially in winter
  • - protects and improves the performance of all electrical appliances of your car
  • - sets optimal performance for your engine
  • - more stable and quiet engine operation
  • - power gain
  • - the indicator of CO decreases
  • - reduction of fuel consumption up to 18% is possible
  • - does not require care
  • - ease of installation: you just need to tighten only 2 nuts on the battery terminals

Tests conducted on Peugeot Partner 2.0 td (turbodiesel) 2007. with the installed device "PULSE" showed: due to the installation of the device "PULSE" the maximum power increased from 85.5 to 89.0 hp Torque increased from 218.5 to 223.8 N * M.

Tests conducted on the Peugeot Partner

Installation Instructions Pulse Electronic Pulse Device:

Installation Instructions Pulse Electronic Pulse Device

1.Open the hood lid to allow access to the battery.

2. The device has 2 contact wires: Red - connects to the positive contact of the battery, Black - connects to the negative contact of the battery

After connecting to the battery (according to polarity!).

It is necessary to fix the device. It is advisable to fix so that there is no contact with direct air flow from the parts of the car (for example, from the radiator).

3. Fix the device in a free place with double-sided adhesive tape.

4.Close the bonnet and enjoy the work of your car.

5. Does not require care.

Note to the installation "PULSE":

1. The device is designed to work only with 12 volt batteries up to 65 A / h and up to 95 A / h

2. Pay attention to polarity, otherwise the device will not function.

1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Buying a fuel saving system today, tomorrow you save, and after tomorrow you earn.