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V-Tech box Fuel economy and power increase

If you bought a new car and are afraid of losing the warranty, then the power box is a reasonable alternative for chip tuning. Our modern, digital powerboxes are outdoor devices that are attached to the machine through factory ports, and are easy to install and remove. Act in a similar way as chip tuning - but without modifications in the car. They are easy to remove before going to the service, and after those. inspection can be reconnected.

Additionally, if you want to change in the car - then you can choose the option of buying a power box with a change to a free chip tuning after the warranty period. To do this, you only need to return the powerbox.

Powerboxes (power module) is a category of devices whose idea is based on modifications of control signals and signals from sensors from an engine computer (ECU). The devices are designed so that the effects of their actions are as close as possible to the effects of chip tuning. Such modifications are sometimes the only possible ones — for example, when the computer of a machine is one-time, impossible for reprogramming, or when the engine is parametrically controlled by simple logic formulas and not by a microcontroller.

digital solutions to improve the work of a diesel engine by 20% -25% in the area of ​​revolutions. Suitable for most diesel engines with common rail injectors, with VP pumps and pump injectors - also for Toyota D-4D.

special module that reduces fuel consumption (up to 12%), with a slight increase in power and torque (up to 10%).

We are also preparing for the introduction of new solutions for cars without a compressor connected via the diagnostic port of the ECU.

TDi Box - module for TDi

What is diesel boxing?

Digital modules Vtech Tuning serve to increase the power of diesel engines (TDI, HDI, CDI, TDCI, JTD, CDI, etc.). The PowerBox offer covers virtually every available diesel engine on the market. Upon request, you can check which type of box is suitable for your car. Technical solutions are fully developed by Vtech - constantly updated and improved. Used in the boxes the author's digital technology is patented in the Patent Management Department of the Republic of Poland.

When should boxing be used?

Boxing is used in a situation where the owner of the car is afraid of losing the warranty on the car or for the possibility of re-use of tuning for an even newer car. Since the factory plugs are mounted in the box, you can simply remove it before going to the car-care center. You can also do when selling the car.

What effects should be expected?

The effects of using Vtech digital modules are as close as possible to chip tuning. Modified boxing engine can not reduce fuel consumption, in most cases, fuel consumption depends largely on the style of driving. Possible increase in power by 15-20% and torque up to 25%. In addition, we offer boxes for cars that, in principle, are not amenable to chip tuning, for example Toyota D-4D.

Principle of operation

Boxing (power module) is a type of electronic device mounted on the control line and measuring the state of the pump in diesel engines. The built-in microprocessor in the module determines the size of a significant load requirement and increases the fuel supply by sending signals to the CAN-Bus (broadband device controlling the engine - VP44PSG5) or directly (TDI PD, V30, Denso-VP, VP44PSG16, some Common-Rail) or indirectly ( Common Rail, VP37) pump control. A second increase in crush slightly changes the pressure of the inflation, raising it to 0.1-0.15 bar. Using the action of reducing the TDi engine, the crush will slightly increase above the number that results from the pressure increase. In models with direct injection control, the fuel injection angle is also adjustable (depending on the speed and load).

V-tech digital technology: ADPS

These digital modules are created using the Advanced Digital Processing System (ADPS) technology developed by us - an advanced digital process means that none of the modules change their parameters over time and under the influence of temperature. Not subject to aging and control the engine without interference. Ten thousand times a second, the micronometer of the module calculates a new method of control, adapting it to your needs, at the same time protecting the engine before wear and above-dimensional voltage. Our solutions are the only ones that use such technology that guarantees safety and excellent results.

Boxes sold in Germany and other European countries better than you?

Very often, those boxes are ours - V-tech sells its boxes under its brand, and provides technology to other large manufacturers. In Poland, we offer exactly the same quality solutions that our foreign partners buy from us.

EcoBox - Ecobox - fuel economy

EcoBox - Ecobox - fuel economy

V-tech is not only tuning and racing cars - the news in our offer is the module for Ecobox diesel engine. Thanks to him, you can simultaneously reduce fuel consumption and get some extra power on the engine. Your car will be more ecological. Ecoboxes for the common rail engine allow you to take care of your own pocket and the environment due to reduced consumption, i.e. fuel economy. Ecoboxes are specifically programmed for specific engine groups. The preparation of their program takes place at our car stands. Using information about factory fuel pressure maps, Ecobox is modifying them so as to correct the engine's operating mode and reduce fuel combustion. The main customers of our devices of this type are German taxi networks and companies with car parks. However, in Poland, a large group of customers are individual customers who want to reduce fuel consumption while improving engine performance. When you want to reduce fuel consumption by about 12% and improve engine performance by about 10% of power and torque, this is a product for you and your car.

Ecobox connects to common rail fuel panel. Compares the current values ​​of the pressure gauge of the injection strip with the factory card from the ECU driver. A copy of the original card with the ECU is recorded in Ecobox. Therefore, Ecobox works best with the engine for which it is best prepared.

Ecoboxing slightly increases the pressure of fuel supply in the mode of aggravating action of the engine, reduces when the car moves at a constant speed. In places where the factory characteristic of fuel pressure is uneven, the box corrects it.

During a quiet ride, the engine is quieter and quieter. But if you want to overtake or simply add gas - Ecobox gives additional strength and improves maneuverability and power of the machine - it creates the impression that additional “overboost” would be included.

The exit at first sight is very simple. But it is required to place in Ecobox the original fuel pressure maps for this type of engine as well as a fast processor for analyzing these maps and data from the tape pressure sensor. Using the exact data and characteristics of your machine, the fitted Ecobox can be very effective.

What to expect?

  • Increase the power and torque of the engine - up to 10%
  • Fuel economy with a stable driving style - up to 12%
  • Improve acceleration smoothness and shorten acceleration time
  • More silent operation of the engine at low circulating speeds and low load

Ecobox cannot be used simultaneously with other boxes to the common rail (regardless of manufacturer). Should not be used after chip tuning. Used only for factory cars.

Ecobox is designed for this engine or group of engines, but this does not mean that it cannot work with other engines than with those for which it was configured. Just his work may not bring satisfactory results than in the case when you plug it into the machine for which it was intended.

V-tech also offers solutions with car parks - whereas in the case of changes in the fleet to other modules, you can reprogram and adjust to new cars.

There is a possibility of reprogramming Ecobox and fitting it to another car model (for example, when you sell a car and buy a new one).