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Household tricks


Package "FREE INTERNET" (on the Internet is sold for at least $ 10). Legal methods of obtaining the Internet for free (although in a few ways it is possible to argue about legality ). Package sections:
a) Internet for money: learn to save.
b) Get free internet, legally!
c) A dedicated line paid by organizations.
d) Shareware Internet.
e) Become a provider! Let them pay you.
e) Tune in to free internet!


Package "FREE INTERNET-2" (on the Internet is sold for at least $ 10.) Illegal ways to get Internet for free. Package sections:
a) Device free internet
b) steal neighbor passwords.
c) "Rob" Internet club.
d) Learn to use freebies.
e) Get free internet, illegally!
e) Hacking PWL files.
g) Hacking provider.


Several ways not to pay hourly pay for the phone, even long-distance (tested in the CIS!). 3 clever way + the simplest scheme of 3 parts - a prefix to the phone.


Free electricity for home lighting, powering TVs and other electrical appliances . 10 ways of "craftsmen"; Some of the methods do not require improving the electric meter, change the wiring, connect to a neighbor!


How to find out that under the lid of an unopened bottle with a share (the secret of warehouse workers and sellers).


Each slot machine has its own “weak point”! Cheating methods and secrets of gaming machines , such as GAME MAKER (poker machine), CRAZY FRUITS, five-point, Electronic roulette, Uper Jamp, Lucky Drink and many others. The scope of the methodology is more than 10 pages, with pictures.


Package "Igromat": ways to cheat and the secrets of slot machines . Can serve as an independent addition to the above item.


Burglar Secrets : the design of locks, the manufacture of master keys.


  The simplest way to ensure that the water meter does not count (no interference with the circuits and connections!)


  Focus: how to stop the pulse (it acts amazingly on girls)!


  Focus: how, bringing a candle to the candle, make them both light up (the girls, especially on the romantic evening “by candlelight”, are stunning!) The focus is insanely simple!


  The secret of focus, how to eat your own pants (everything is very simple and safe for health :) Using such a focus on the argument, you can raise a good grandmother!


  Terrible trick: we carry a knife on the arm - an open bleeding wound appears, which you then immediately “tighten” . The focus is insanely simple, and you don’t have to cut yourself !


  The secret of focus is how to read letters in closed envelopes . Everything is very simple!


  The secret of the trick of how to drink from a closed bottle (or jar) so that from another open bottle (jar) would decrease . Cunning people earn hundreds and thousands of dollars on this trick ("arguing") !


  A unique guide "How to fool a polygraph (lie detector)" . It is increasingly used in employment, so this knowledge is not superfluous.


Several ink recipes disappear after a few days + colorless ink recipes that appear after a while .


Several super recipes for the preparation of a drink of modern Don Juan - a 38-degree liqueur (one hour - and a woman is yours!).


  A dozen proven ways to get to the subway without a token (for example, using a newspaper). In case of sudden lack of money - very useful information!


  The scheme of manufacturing the simplest reverse-device with which the disk of the electricity meter rotates in the opposite direction.


Collection "Undisclosed Secrets of the Internet" (free faxing, free phone card, free access to the WEB, etc.)


Free access to all templates on:


  Two perfectly legitimate ways to get free GPRS Internet from Beeline . With other operators, the methods were not tested, including, perhaps, they work for others!


The method of sending sms-messages (KIYVSTAR, UMS) for a nominal fee .


The secret of fast browsing pages in VISITS.RU (BXOD.COM) is 50 pages per minute. In order not to be banned - it is not recommended to earn more than $ 10 per day.


Making champagne at home


Instant access to any gallery you like on tgp porn sites (,,, etc.). There is no “scraping” or registration - the whole process takes about 10 seconds and is available even to beginners on the Internet.


The unique technique of "How to get an apartment with almost 100% result during the year."


14 ways to "steal" someone else's ICQ number .


A unique guide "How to drive a woman into the complex . "


  The best ways to "hang" from the army (not to be confused with the package "Antiarmiya!").


  Package "Antiarmiya" (legitimate ways to "hang").


  Unique email the book "How to convince the interlocutor for 30 seconds . "


The unique e-book "Network re-breed" . There are ways how you can be naed on the Internet, and with varying degrees of probability.




BXOD sponsor re-registration scheme and collecting multiple bonuses .


  Why bite the Hacker magazine bit by bit in the hope of finding a suitable zapadlo? Now, dozens of all sorts of frauds are collected in one book: motorists zapadlo, in the subway, canteen, city, public places, etc. The zapadlo range is very wide: from almost innocent jokes to remote damage of cars and televisions .


Cool guide "145 ways to shock a girl . " Some jokes are very brutal.


  Unique email the book "Hidden mobile phone features that you might not know . " Just by pressing a certain key combination, you can call from a discharged (!) Or blocked (!!!) phone.


How to get two harvests of potatoes a year




Ural recipe accelerated cooking mash for distillation into moonshine


Mushrooms: A Delicious Product - Great Business


Preparation of the yeast and the very mash for the distillation into vodka without yeast


Grow Marlboro




Two Yeast Homemade Recipes


The most effective way to protect crops from Medvedka


How to plant a single cottage with one potato


How to grow a lot of potatoes in total Q1 m land (5 buckets from the bush)


How to grow new potatoes in April / May


20-25 cucumbers from the bush


The recipe for the preparation of poison against the Colorado potato beetle at home


50-60 tomatoes from the bush


Dutch Weeding Tomatoes


The recipe for "medicinal" vodka


Growing roses green and yellow

How to grow flowers any day you need

How to change the color of torn flowers


Technology of making alcohol without the use of sugar


The easiest way to get alcohol


Laundry by Nesterenko


The French way of washing white linen




If there is no water in the country


Harvest - 1.5 months earlier


Eliminating unpleasant odors in the toilet


Methanol production - high octane gasoline additive


Getting methyl alcohol in the kitchen


Home mini - alcohol - factory - alcohol production


Increase the strength of alcoholic beverages


motor car power increase device


device for receiving "living water"


night vision device - independent production


ultrasonic washing machine manufacturing


tested in work simple sensitive metal detector


homemade plasmatron


gasoline substitute


invention - free electricity


how to stop the electric meter


eternal light bulb


voltage 220 V from a 12 volt battery


homemade power supply


deception urban PBX


homemade satellite dish


popcorn popcorn maker


cotton candy making machine


biogas plants


electronic dust collector


homemade induction melting furnace


air water generator


electronic insect killer


device for unwinding meter readings


manufacture of a radar detector


netting machine


universal lathe


electric cutter


manufacture of welding machine "Kid"


thermite pencil


spot micro welding


battery recovery


self-production of bricks


Secrets of production: metals, marble and alabaster, wood, horn and bone, rubber and gutta-percha, glass, linseed oil and paints, varnishes and sealing wax, glue, putty and cements, lubricating oils and ointments, ink and paper, household tools, creams and dressings for shoes, washing and dyeing of materials, soap production, perfumery, cosmetics

Treatment and self-improvement

Learn WHAT YOU HAVE! The dimensions of the length and thickness of the penis, which correspond to the medical terms "small", "medium", "large" , as well as a table of different sizes of the penis in percentage terms among adult men ( Dr. Griffin's research ).

11 ways to increase "manhood" by 2- 5 cm. Without operations using simple manual exercises, compresses, devices (can be purchased in any sex shop for $ 10-45, the names will not tell you anything); in some cases, there is a correction of distortions that have arisen as a result of "sexual injury".

The unique "Kremlin diet" - eat as much as you want and when you want (at least 10 kg . Yasa and sausage, butter and mayonnaise per day)! The main thing is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to 40 units per day (the table is attached). The “Komsomolskaya Pravda” journalist, completely “unbeliever in diets,” checked this diet “ online : for six months, the usual diet, he could, raping his body, lose all 7 kg, which quickly returned; having tried the "Kremlin" diet (I wanted to check for myself personally, to write "crushing"
note) - RESET 4 kg. WEEK, eating without restrictions, and after 12 at night !!!

A simple and very effective (personally verified!) Method of Erickson's self-hypnosis : helps to remember the necessary, completely forgotten information, can be used to develop the necessary skills and abilities in oneself

The ancient Indian method of pumping muscles (without chemistry and special equipment) " Dhaydal and Bhasni ", which is gaining popularity in the west . The duration of the training is no more than 30 minutes. in a day; in a week of training the muscles grow, as in a month of grueling workouts in other systems.

Benefit e " Ki-Ya-Superpower " - even with a weak body, but a strong mind, proper breathing - you are invincible, no matter how trained your opponent. A set of exercises and recommendations. Available for all ages!

"Developing the power quality of an explosive metaboi " (supplement to the " Ki-Ya-Superpower " manual ): how to concentrate the force at the moment of impact, make it destructive and faster; extinguishing candles in the distance and mn . others

Unique benefit   "Scientific damage guidance using the techniques of Ericksonian hypnosis and suggestive linguistics" (scaring and intimidation of various "bad people" and just street aggressors; wanting common and specific harm; a scientific system of protection against damage and curses). It is not recommended to read impressionable people.

A unique guide "Psychological Aikido " (how to behave and what to say in various life-conflict situations, methods of psychological depreciation).

The unique technique of "self-dentist" : dental treatment without tools at home . Building, natural filling cracks.

Vacuum breast augmentation method by 1-2 sizes at home (not massage!), Using devices available in every home.

A unique guide "How to seduce a woman in 24 hours . "


Kamasutra The very ancient treatise of love and its annex: 122 sexual positions with a photo (not pictures!)

How to lose 1 kg (or a little more) kg in 1 day and at the same time remove toxins from the body (not a sauna, not a massage, not a pill!).

A simple way to whiten teeth , without resorting to traumatic enamel "polishing" soda or salt.

How to gain body weight .

Recipes for protein shakes to build muscle .

Unique benefit "14 natural anabolic steroids " . List and dosage of products containing natural anabolic steroids necessary for the rapid pumping of muscles. Here are a few sentences on the first product (inexpensive, which can be bought everywhere): "contains more creatine than any other product on the planet. Creatine is one of the most important nutrients for a bodybuilder because it helps increase muscle in volume. Moreover, creatine helps deliver nutrients to the muscles, which speeds up the process of their recovery and growth . "

Unique benefit "Fear. Fighting machine . Strengthening the will and complete destruction fear of any adversary, training of altered consciousness (the perception of a fight as in slow shooting , partial or total insensitivity to pain ).

Unique email to the nig "A significant increase in the volume of the hands ( biceps-triceps ) for 6 weeks . "

Unique email niga "Flat stomach for 3 (three!) minutes a day . "

A woman can portray any feelings, emotions, and even muscular contraction of the vagina (which happens during orgasm). BUT! There are “symptoms” that a woman cannot fake. For insecure and impressionable men, the purchase of this material is not recommended.

A unique benefit "7 types of female orgasm, and how to achieve them . "

All about doping

Total Submission System

50 ways to lose weight ... without dieting

What is weight and how to deal with it . Virtual Doctor Publishing

Blood type and sexual compatibility

Measuring extrasensory abilities

Ancient recipes of rejuvenation

Zone G on the body of a woman (opened by the German doctor Graffenburg ); when stimulated by caresses or organs, the strongest and most prolonged orgasms of all known until now are achieved.

How to lose weight without diets and expensive medications

Soup for fat men

Super cleaning whole body

Human weapon

Hair removal recipes

Business at home

A unique guide "Handbook of non-standard business methods and economic fraud" (indicated methods and methods).

Package "Roulette" (on the Internet is sold for at least $ 10). Package includes:
a ) A description of the method and detailed instructions for working with online casinos to extract stable profits; tips, weaknesses of online casinos .
b) Description and instructions for working with the main payment systems on the Internet: CyberPlat , PayCash , WebMoney , as well as instructions for working with plastic cards, making money transfers (including anonymous ones).
c ) T renary layout of on- line roulette (made in flash ).
d) Additional literature on casinos and roulette.

Package "Roulette - 2" .

The system is almost guaranteed (99%) win roulette . Players unanimously recognized true and proven; is generally known among professional players, but because of its “ bariness ” (the main goal is to win a small amount, from tens to hundreds (sometimes thousands) dollars, amount, and stop the game) is considered to be unprecedented and unworthy of the REAL PLAYER.

Secrets of success on the trading platform www.PLATI.RU . Like, exposing your electronic product there, make a lot of money.

Package " Best to sell " (on the Internet is sold for at least $ 10). Many e-books, manuals, programs for earning on the Internet , increasing sales, if you are the owner of the E-shop , website promotion and more. others

Package "Fool the game portal, but honestly! Easy mining WM.

50 cents for referral
+ free advertising your site
+ bonuses = $ 13.000!

Earn on porn - the most "monetary" resource on sales in the Internet ! An intelligible step-by-step instruction in Russian (with pictures for clarity), articles on security, a link to the developer’s website of the manual, where additional lessons, articles, useful scripts are posted for free , there is a forum and a chat for helping beginners.

Unique know-how: a simple method of manufacturing artificial (cast) marble (cheaper than American counterparts SHOCK, Corian 6 (!) Times).

Production of high-octane gasoline (a substitute of any brand) from natural gas and water ; can be made in a city apartment. Drawings of portable installations from available parts, comment of the inventor, his answers to questions after the publication of the idea; tips on improvement from people who have made such installations, comment analyst chemist.

Drawing drawings, photos, inscriptions on t-shirts and undershirts of customers . Cost of 1 order: $ 1-5 (depending on size); Equipment: computer, printer, iron + special kind of film (can be purchased at advertising agencies).

A unique guide "How to extract precious metals (gold, silver, palladium , etc.) from radio components." The most comprehensive manual I have ever met on the Internet. There is a complete list (up to numbers) of parts containing certain precious metals + where to find them + how to purchase reagents + how to market a finished precious metal.

E-book-manual D. Carbo "How to make money being lazy . "

Unique E-book "How to put Internet business on full autopilot v.2.0." .

A unique benefit "How to earn from $ 5 to $ 50 per day . " The method is very simple!

Addresses of more than 70 American companies paying for surveys (10 of them pay with prizes and merchandise).

Unique allowance "$ 67 for 35 minutes of work!" .

The unique allowance "$ 20 for 20 minutes . "

Unique e- mail "How to use the hate of people and earn money on it . "

Unique email . Nigga “How to become rich. 1000 ways to get rich without breaking the law .

Unique email . How to make money on affiliate programs .

Unique email . How to succeed in affiliate programs. Common mistakes that “steal” up to 100% of your income .

eBay 101 advice

Thirty ways to make money

Electronic gold ( E-GolD )



Hide info defense and attack


Package Z work


How you can earn with the help of your computer (a guide for beginners)

Profitable business ... on balloons

Organization at home advertising agency and private bureau ads

Advertising and information work (information business )


1. The method of free legal getting an apartment.

2. A way to earn large sums of money without breaking the law.

Methods and schemes: household, for business, protection, espionage

Schemes of 2 unique, easy-to-make TV aerials (technical find of Donetsk and Ulyanovsk radio amateurs) to receive satellite TV channels . No scarce parts are required; The work is based on the original technical principle.

Where to download all

Energy saving machine

Recover battery capacity

The simplest adaptation to the carburetor of a car, allowing to reduce fuel consumption by 25% + halve the toxicity of the exhaust.

Making a simple home air conditioner .

Making the simplest solar panel .

Volumetric practical guide for intelligence "Its intelligence . " More than 10 schemes of devices for industrial espionage and protection against it; the acquisition of access to documents, encryption and decryption of messages, surveillance and surveillance, interception of letters, telephone and radio communications; methods and techniques for obtaining confidential information about people and organizations: NLP-penetration into the psyche and manipulation of the object, blackmail, recruitment and introduction of informants, "going to the bottom" and a lot of different information known exclusively to professional intelligence officers and employees of the Security Council.

Two schemes for the manufacture of the simplest ultrasonic pocket device - dog repeller .

The unique scheme of auto - inclusion "by voice" (does not respond to noise) ; can be used as a prefix to the recorder, video surveillance systems, covert alarm, to turn on the light or household appliances.

Making a simple radio microphone - " bug" .

The scheme of manufacture of a night vision device from an ordinary camera .

The simplest method of manufacturing these stereo glasses (the image becomes three-dimensional, with the effect of presence) + links to stereo pages + search words, to which the search engine gives about 20,000 links to stereoparnosites ). For the manufacture of All you need is a glue and a CD case!

Photography on various surfaces (wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, etc.).

If your CD is scratched and does not work : there are many ways to restore the surface or “save” information.

The simplest device for getting home year-round hot water .

More than $ 800 of income for the summer with 1.5 acres of land .

Cooking food alcohol from wood waste (sawdust).

The recipe for removing unnecessary records and stamps from paper ; components are readily available.

Automatic antidazzle lamp

Recovery Tape Machines and Printers

Recovery of dead batteries

Bath enamel restoration


Currency detector

" Jacuzzi " - with their own hands

Satellite TV channel scrambler

Elementary scheme of the light bulb rework

Protection against corrosion

Protection of the telephone line from the connection

Mirror radio

Making ice melting matter

Making precious metals

Imitation plywood under velvet

Pulsed electrofusion

Indicator listening to a conversation on a parallel telephone

Hookah of egg-cakes

Pocket mosquito device

How to cook vodka brandy


Shovel combine

Maximum heat from batteries


Stethoscope Microphone

Mini radio station

Heat storage

Non-drying stamp pad

Waterproof shoes

Detecting hidden electrical wiring .

Fire extinguisher

Apartment security alarm


The method of manufacturing seals and stamps at home

Musical "anesthesia"

Apparatus for finding oil, ore

Giving to plaster products of a type of antique bronze , from a ivory , wood, etc.

The simplest method for finding breakdown in an electric cord

The simplest method of manufacturing artificial yan

The simplest method of hardening steel to hardness

Anti - theft device on the infrared rays

Anti-theft engine fault simulator

Car Charger

Radio beacon to protect children from abduction

The old way of reproduction and copying at home

The recipe for postal dextrin glue ,

safe and even ... delicious Smile happy

Production of thermite welding electrodes

Recipes glowing colors

How to make tear gas based on your technical means

Ways of drawing convex and concave inscriptions and drawings on metal


Table of dependence of the time to determine the presence of alcohol vapors in exhaled air on the amount and type of drink consumed.

Tinting glasses ; auto filters



recipe effective solution to remove rust

Ultrasonic metal detector

The unique method of fishing in the winter : the catch increases by 5-7 times

Jewelry mini-factory at home

Imitation gems.

Programs, Scripts

PHP script for sending out FINER Sender emails . Super speed It's very simple, no settings (just paste it into the site) + bonus.

IP2IP program - the newest and most progressive way of advertising!

Program Modem Spy v3.2 ( modem spy ). Carries out an automated "spy" recording of telephone conversations to the hard disk of a computer using your modem. It has a large number of additional . functions.

Superprogram-generator scripts " Commando ". Just enter the necessary parameters in the form fields and with one click of the button the necessary scripts will be generated . Program features:
a ) And the development of mini-sites;
b) Deadline generator (the deadline for any bonus or discount). The program automatically moves the date for a specified number of days;
c ) Generator META-tags for your site (for higher positions of the site in search engines );
d) Scrambler e- mail (now it is not available for spam machines );
e) Generator of your bonus or discount with reference to time (after its expiration it disappears);
e) Link-klouker (hides your affiliate links so that they are not replaced!);
g ) Generator pop-up (generates pop-ups that appear when entering or leaving your site);
h) Opt-in generator (hidden subscription of visitors), etc. The interface is completely in Russian.

Super scripts agency store PLATI.RU. You get a site that will make a profit in the form of commissions for sales, not worrying about the replenishment of goods, and indeed about anything! All pages, as soon as they appear on the PLATI marketplace, automatically appear on your site . Scripts are suitable for most free hosting sites , for example, ).

Engine dating-dating site (leisure) . Brings a huge income!

Online TV Player 2.8 ( NeW !) Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ free Internet TV and listen 1500+ free online radio stations on your PC

Forum Spider 2.2.0 super-program (latest version!). Designed for automatic distribution of ads in guest books and forums. Recoil is much better than from spam and bulletin boards!

The best program to compile e-books Natata E- book Compiler GOLD 2.2 . Russian interface, various protection systems: from copying, printing, time limit, password setting.

A simple program Calldate , which will allow you to use any shareware programs with a time limit of any number . Russian interface.

6 programs that earn you 0.10-100WMR at the touch of a button . On the Internet there are dozens of sites that distribute certain amounts of money per visit. These programs will help to generate your visit without visiting the sites, and the sponsors will really pay!

A simple program that helps to seduce a lot of girls (in communication via the Internet ) . The program is designed for use during communication in chat rooms such as cot . , , and the like, as well as in ordinary forums. Result:
a ) your best image and attractiveness in front of the opposite sex;
b) contains a database of prepared phrases for dating, original and attracting that part of the female     the sex that interests you most;)
c) enables the chat psevdovzlom , when, for example, you can invite in privat simultaneously     all those present chat and mn . dr !
Contains an exhaustive reference on the use in Russian.

Steganos Internet Privacy v2.12 Avever is the simplest and at the same time effective program for masking your true IP address when browsing websites . Now no one can find out your real IP address. The program automatically (IP change from 1 second to 1 minute) replaces your IP with one of the IP proxy list. The list of proxy servers can be updated.

Cracker passwords FOR TOTAL !   Bruteforce passwords Office Excel, Word, WinZip, Windows 2000 / NT, Access, Outlook, Quicken, WordPerfect, VBA, 1-2-3, ACT !, Paradox, Organizer, Schedule, WordPro and others An indispensable thing in the household! Many settings - a very high quality product!

Generator scripts rotating pop-ups . This in Runet has not yet been!

The cheater program for (itself clicks on sponsor banners ) nBxod V1.59.01. The difference of this version is that the program itself automatically answers the question in 90% of cases .

Hypnotic e- programs - turn on the prog and stare at the center of the screen. Then you cut down and quickly look at the wall. And with it happens SUCH ... For people suffering from epilepsy, nervous disorders, heart disease - viewing these programs is strictly prohibited! You use them at your own risk!

Script FREE INTERNET! We go through the guest entrance (it is provided by more than 95% of all providers), and we climb all over the Internet, not limited to viewing the provider's page!

WEB recorder 1.11 [ manual ]
registration educational program + manual

Crackbar v2.23 ( beta ) is an excellent program for searching cracks for programs . It can search for cracks not only by the server crackers , but also by forums, newsgroups .

The program for printing on paper prints of various stamps . It is forbidden to use in illegal purposes!

The program for printing on paper prints cash vouchers . Do not use for illegal purposes!

IMCaster ICQ E-Marketer 8/11/12 for spam over ICQ .

Anyone who has been tortured nostalgia for the old games on the "SEGA MEGA DRIVE-2" ! You no longer need to buy expensive cartridges for the console, play on your computer without spending a cent! Special program for Segov games like “Flash- player ” + website address where you can download hundreds of Segov games for free (average weight 0.5-1Mb / game).

Date X Pro will tell you the date of your death. Unlike unpretentious analogs - very detailed (a huge number of questions). The developer assures that the reliability of the forecast is up to 87%. Impressive people are not recommended to buy this program.

The program " Fortress Personal Lie Detector " - Personal Detection lie on your computer .

Super program Allsubmitter + 1500 "white" directories to increase the IC. ! !!! The best program for site promotion

Very cool programs (jokes)

Super program !! ! By installing it and connecting to the Internet , you can listen to about 1500 radio stations and watch over 850 TV channels from 91 countries of the world! The program is very easy to use.

Small, effective and intelligent program that will prohibit the opening of annoying popup-windows .

Why clutter up your computer with heavy readers of pdf-files like Adobe Reader ? The program PDF- reader weighs less than mega and does not require installation, run and read! Recommend.

IP address: definition, hiding, consequences

Email Address Collector with

Script features: Scripts allow you to register and then log in to the site . You must enter a name and password. All users are stored in the users.db database. Passwords are encrypted using the internal php md5 algorithm, which excludes the possibility of decryption, only the selection of a password.

Exchange office ( script )

The script " Affiliate Program "

Program VDialer Full Version 3.9.2 (NEW !!!) This is a feature-rich dialer to your Internet access provider .

MarketCash - Automated Internet Marketing System, includes: Shop, Casino, Exchange Office, Catalog wm resources, as well as on our website you can download the latest digital products for free. It no longer makes sense to visit a bunch of different sites in order to earn, buy or sell a product, exchange your money. All this you will find with us.

Redirect script

You probably already know that the gaming site WM-Loto.Net ( gives a chance every day to any owner of the WM-identifier to win money in the amount of from 0.10 to 100 rubles. The only condition is that you can win money once a day from one IP address and one WMID each. I suggest you technology how to get around this limitation and most importantly do not need to go to the site every day and click!

Webmaster Tools Black Label Edition ( set scripts for webmasters )

Clickatell Messenger Pro3 Program to send SMS from someone else's number! The program really works on MTS, Megafon and Beeline in Russia (it has not been verified in other countries).

Banner making

Package free perpetual advertising

Program for automatic collection of free WMR from different sites

24 templates for the site

27 ways to promote your site

How to get 2500 visitors for free !!!!

Every day on your site an additional 50 hosts for 100 days

MS virus detection program Blast

Zbor program WMR from sites on the Internet

222 banners



try your hand at gambling without risking your blood (tactics)

BXOD scripts

I present to you the project GetFreeDomain , whose work consists in the distribution of second-level domains in the com , net or org zones ( www . Yourname . Com www . your name org www . your name net ) and excellent hosting without advertising to them for a period of 1 year is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE

( http : // www . footballsymphony . com / ru

Free entry

This program generates displays of all banner networks !

Traffic Generators for your site 20 pieces

Free GPRS - Internet from Bee Line

Full version of the program Hitprom website promotion for 2002

The coding program is written text in html (I really like it)

A bunch of useful scripts

Configuring software “Lottery with instant payments PACKAGE 1 ” . + from amo software

Technology accelerate surfing


The same autosurfer Neosapa , like everyone, but, as usual, cheaper than everyone. Version of May 13 , 2003


AShop - online store with affiliate program support

How to win in on - line casino

This software is designed to create

Internet service on the organization of automatic exchange WMZ <=> WMR ,

   WMZ <=> WME , WMR <=> WME on websites . This exchange allows owners

sites make a profit in the form of commission.

Another one cheater

Affiliate script

Affiliate Script

The secret to quickly browsing pages in Visits . ru

Allows you to turn sites in Raskrutim . ru in autoscroll mode without loading banners counters and sites themselves! But credits are fully credited (0.5 credits )

Script cheat sponsor RusIP

25 interesting templates for the site

15 interesting templates for the site

Cheat (HTML Tricks )

Cheat ( java tricks )

Roulette game systems

Cheater for sponsor VISITRU

MyPHP Visits Generator

The package includes 3 voting scripts and 2 bulletin boards .

42 tips for webmasters

WebMoney course

Scripts of the http : wm - clicks . com

The campaign for issuing VISA cards is held free of charge by GUTA BANK

Lotorrey Script

Store WM Script

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Link to the site where after the free registration you will be available (free of charge) the following programs and services :
a ) Auto- link to thousands of CIS bulletin boards. A few seconds are enough to send out a button - the robot will do the rest;
b ) With the service of a tenfold increase in traffic to your site by installing their banner wrapper (very rarely tracked by ratings);
c) Ten-time banner - exchange system (for one display of their banner, they are shown ten times yours);
d) Installation on your site of a simple HTML-code that will automatically create a bulletin board on your site and other interesting services.

Links to 2 sites where it is possible to register your site in more than 400 Russian-language search engines, catalogs, and rankings for free, in a semi-automatic mode . The first site is the most convenient: I spent about 2.5 hours on the entire registration .

Do you want to know who owns any IP-address "without departing from the cash register" ? Then this script is for you! Put on your site!

1000 WMR for free! A list of four dozen Runet sites that distribute money for free .

Website address (in Russian) where you can download for free: porn movies , videos, photos .

Hallucinogenic pictures (when you look at them, it seems that they move!)

The address of the site where the service “aging by photo” is available for free: you upload your own photo and look at yourself ... 20 YEARS OLD!

Step-by-step guide in pictures "How to tie a tie." From time to time it is necessary to wear it, but ... if there is no side to the knowing lass , and the knot that was tied before, which only needed to be put on and under the throat, was unleashed? each step of tying is a separate picture; for convenience, everything is decorated in a convenient email format . to nigi.

Several times a year you are puzzled, what to give to your relatives, friends, acquaintances? Just for an anniversary, a wedding, etc.? If it is difficult to choose - you can simply donate money in an envelope, but often this is considered vulgarity. There is a gift (you can choose its value!), Which will appeal to ALL! Verified!

How to get paid hosting for free.

Domain (how to register)

Undisclosed Internet Secrets

This is just a BOMB! Through the Christian forum, I found a site where people donate various things for free (just contact the donor, come to the house and take it away!). And what kind of things ... Monitors, speakers, CDs, refrigerators, furniture, etc., are thrown out almost every day! Convenient breakdown by city: Moscow, St. Petersburg , Novgorod, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Samara, Krasnodar, Perm, Vladivostok, Kazan. From the Ukrainian cities only Kiev.

Game " Kill the fagot "

Password base for paid porn sites

Thousands of products for free

The game " Remove Masyanya 2"