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ICQ / SKYPE / MSN / SYSTEM popup message script (decoy)

Скрипт всплывающих сообщений ICQ/SKYPE/MSN/SYSTEM (приманка)Скрипт всплывающих сообщений ICQ/SKYPE/MSN/SYSTEM (приманка)Скрипт всплывающих сообщений ICQ/SKYPE/MSN/SYSTEM (приманка)

Script user bait. Those users who have ICQ 99% click on your banner.

The message window looks so realistic that you need to click on it.

Plus, the fact that when a message box appears the original “O_o” sound sounds like in ICQ / SKYPE / MSN / SYSTEM.

Buy Popup Popup Script

PopUp ICQ / SKYPE / MSN / SYSTEM script advertising (bait)

  • Awesome new type of advertising on the site
  • Full identity messages messengers
  • Simple and full-featured plugin
  • The ability to configure the delay through cookies
  • Setting the duration of hits
  • Setting the delay before the show
  • Possibility of random hits or by date
  • Configure the message prohibition interval
  • Possible grouping of posts for display.
  • Full featured admin
  • Run a script with parameters
  • Run script without parameters
  • Complete instructions and files
Payment and receipt of goods!


Cost: $ 1
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Screenshot of the pop-up script

Screenshots of the pop-up script admin options