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Become an Agent and earn up to 10,000 UAH per month

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Promotion for CIS: PrivatBank, MoskomPrivatBank, TAO Bank, AS PrivatBank
Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "PrivatBank" License of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 22 dated 10/05/2011
PHYSICAL PERSONS Classic debit cards, JUNIOR . Universal Credit Cards, Mini , BONUS + Loyalty Program ,
Instant Debit Cards , Social and Pension Cards
PI and CORP. CUSTOMERS Microcredit, Salary project, Bank account for individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients . Payment Agreement
BONUS + loyalty program , Equoring , Gold Credit Card, Platinum, Signia
Who is the AGENT?
An agent is a partner of PrivatBank , who earns income by selling banking products. It doesn't matter whether you work or not! As an agent, you choose your own schedule! You are not tied to the workplace and can decide for yourself how much time to devote to work! Earn up to 10 000 UAH per month!
Why is it EASY?
To become an AGENT, you only need PrivatBank CREDIT , to which the Bank will credit cash rewards for sold banking products! You do not have CREDIT? It's okay, we will issue you a credit card, on which you will receive your bonuses for attracting customers.
Selling with us, you can earn up to 10 000 UAH per month! Offer any of the banking products to your friends or acquaintances. It is enough to get their consent to issue a banking product and transfer their contact details to the bank in any way convenient for you. Each agent participates in contests and promotions held by PrivatBank. Well, the best agents are encouraged, invited to training and master classes.

Each agent has the opportunity to grow professionally and increase their income. For this there is a program "View of the Future"!

Do you think all the agents of the bank are in the same conditions? Of course not!

The bank has GOLD agents, PLATINUM agents and PREMIUM agents. These are agents who receive increased remuneration for selling services, valuable prizes and free registration of elite GOLD, PLATINUM and SIGNIA cards!

Want to find out how the bank helps agents quickly get to the next status?

He holds promotions and contests, "hands out" increased points. Sell ​​bank services and very soon you will find out about everything!

Details about the benefits:

1. Title GOLD agent

You get the title GOLD agent for selling 100 credit cards or, for example, 20 deposits + 50 pension cards. That is, you need to score only 300 points for the sale of any other bank products! And for that you have undeniable advantages:

  • Bonus increase by 10% for each product sold
  • Free Gold Card Issue

2. Rank PLATINUM agent

You will be awarded the PLATINUM agent title after attracting clients for 14 deposits + 4 micro-credits +200 pension cards +200 credit cards. In other words, it’s enough to score 1500 points for any other bank products! Along with the title, awards grow:

  • All your next bonuses increase by 25%.
  • Free Platinum Card Edition

3. Title PREMIUM agent

How to achieve the most honorary title - PREMIUM agent? For this you need to earn 3000 points for any products of the bank!

The advantages that this title gives inspire:

  • 50% increase in bonuses for the sale of banking products
  • Signia Free Edition
  • Opportunity to study in Privat MBA
  • Tour to Maldives

Good luck in sales!

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