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24/7 PrivatAssistance from PrivatBank

Ваш персональный менеджер
Promotion for CIS: PrivatBank, MoskomPrivatBank, TAO Bank, AS PrivatBank
Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "PrivatBank" License of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 22 dated 10/05/2011
PHYSICAL PERSONS Classic debit cards, JUNIOR . Universal Credit Cards, Mini , BONUS + Loyalty Program ,
Instant Debit Cards , Social and Pension Cards
PI and KORP. CUSTOMERS Microcredit, Salary project, Bank account for individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients . Payment Agreement
BONUS + loyalty program , Equoring , Credit Card Gold, Platinum, Signia
Order PrivatAssistance Package from PrivatBank online!
PrivatAssistance is a motorists club providing around-the-clock vehicle technical support!

Easy to connect and maintain
Connection to the club in 3 minutes; the ability to pay for services in any place wherever you are; call operator from a mobile phone
A wide range of services
Technical support on the road (tire, gasoline, towing); consulting services (legal advice, insurance commissioner, medical advice); personal concierge (ticket booking, mobile phone replenishment)
Time protection
On-line support 24 hours a day; coverage throughout Ukraine
Discounts for club members
All club members are given discounts on services and products.
Technical Assistance on the Road