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Bonuses and Promotions from PrivatBank

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Promotion for CIS: PrivatBank, MoskomPrivatBank, TAO Bank, AS PrivatBank
Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "PrivatBank" License of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 22 dated 10/05/2011
PHYSICAL PERSONS Classic debit cards, JUNIOR . Universal Credit Cards, Mini , BONUS + Loyalty Program ,
Instant Debit Cards , Social and Pension Cards
PI and CORP. CUSTOMERS Microcredit, Salary project, Bank account for individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients . Payment Agreement
BONUS + loyalty program , Equoring , Gold Credit Card, Platinum, Signia
Choose a point of sale Bonus + for strawberries at the front door Give the cashier your credit card to pay for the goods. Sign the receipt and get a BONUS in the amount of 3% –20% of the purchase price
Choose a point of sale Bonus + for “strawberries” at the front door! Give the cashier your credit card to pay for the goods! Sign the receipt and get a BONUS in the amount of 3% –20% of the purchase price!

Happy code

Pay for purchases with a PrivatBank card in the amount of 100 hryvnia or more at any outlet - win a MILLION!

Winning brings a match of the last digits of your card number and authorization code on the check:

  • 2 digits - 10 hryvnia
  • 3 digits - 100 hryvnia
  • 4 digits - 1000 hryvnia
  • 5 digits - 10 000 hryvnia
  • 6 numbers - UAH 1,000,000 for the raffle for checks for UAH 2,000 or more
  • 6 figures for Juniors - 50 000 UAH (Juniors do not participate in the drawing of the main prize)

* Be careful - the numbers need to be checked, starting with the last! The registered users participate in the action!

Increase credit limit in 5 minutes!

We want to get closer to you and make you take a reciprocal step towards you, like friends who have known each other for many years!

Our bank lives and develops thanks to you, your trust, your choice! We, in turn, make every effort to ensure that your cooperation with us is convenient, interesting and useful, first of all, for you.

To this end, a campaign has started in PrivatBank, and YOU can take part in it! The rules of the promotion are simple, but the result of participation in it will undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise:

  • Enter your current contact details
  • Answer the question about PrivatBank or Credit Card, which will be sent to you by e-mail
  • Get a prize - an increase in the limit on a credit card by 10%! *

* The possibility of increasing the limit is provided to customers who comply with the conditions and rules for using a credit card. If the current limit is zero, then instead of increasing by 10% a fixed value of 250 UAH is set.

Impressions do not wait!

From July 01 to October 31, 2010, MasterCard Mass Credit Card holders from PrivatBank, actively paying with a card in the trade and service network of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 100, have a chance to win a European tour for two.

The duration of the trip, during which you can enjoy the views of Europe, depends on you!

Every 4 card transactions = 1 day trip. The maximum travel period is 8 days. The minimum period is 2 days.

In addition, every 4 transactions in the amount of 100 UAH each participate in the monthly drawing of additional prizes:
  • 4 Canon A495 digital cameras
  • 4 digital photo frames SONY DPF-E72N Black
  • 4 Notebook HP mini 5101 (FU355EA)
  • 4 3G Huawei ES1260 modem with prepaid traffic for 6 months

Storage of own funds on the "Universal" CREDIT!

Credit card holders can now not only use a loan for up to 30 or 55 days for free, but also benefit from keeping their money on the credit card.
Access to personal funds on the card as well as to credit, is possible anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.
Since November 2009, the Bank accrues 10% per annum on the balance of its own funds on the Credit card over UAH 100.
Attention! The crediting of the monthly interest accrued to the bonus account (the program "Bonus Plus"), after which they immediately become available for payment of purchases!

Want to participate in the program "Bonus +"?

The “Bonus +” program is a joint project of PrivatBank and any outlet that accepts credit cards for payment, which is dynamically developing throughout Ukraine and Russia!
Competition dictates its own conditions and you are striving to surprise the Client with your services, to interest you with your products? It means that you need their loyalty, because the more loyal Customers, the higher the business image and the more it is profitable.

Partner shops participants "Bonus +"

UkraineВинницкая область Волынская область Днепропетровская область Донецкая область Житомирская область Закарпатская область Запорожская область Ивано-Франковская область Киевская область Кировоградская область Крым Луганская область Львовская область Николаевская область Одесская область Полтавская область Ровенская область Сумская область Тернопольская область Харьковская область Херсонская область Хмельницкая область Черкасская обл Черниговская область Черновицкая область

Questions and answers on the program "Bonus +"


Why is it more profitable for the enterprise to become a member of the "Bonus +" program?


- The bonus program "Bonus +" is an open club;
- Wide customer base . PrivatBank has already issued more than 3 million cards for customers;
- Increased turnover . Buyers make more transactions, with larger amounts, to earn more bonuses. To pay for goods, customers use credit funds provided by PrivatBank;
- Reduced costs . PrivatBank provides resources to promote the program "Bonus +": the issuance of bonus cards, advertising support, equipment, experience in the implementation of discount programs.


How is the program "Bonus +" better than local programs?


- The local program allows you to increase the frequency and volume of purchases of only your existing customers - the network bonus program will, on the one hand, increase the loyalty of your customers, on the other - attract new customers - clients of other program partners;
- Lack of expenses for the organization of discount programs: design, manufacturing and embossing of plastics, PR and advertising (costs are borne by the Bank);
- Ability to conduct individual programs / actions within the framework of the Program by doubling bonuses, etc., to activate sales in seasonal recessions or to stimulate a certain category of consumers;
- Automated accounting of bonuses provided falls on the Bank;
- Improved protection against fakes - if a regular discount card can be faked, then a credit card is almost impossible to fake.


How is the "Bonus +" program better than discount programs?


- Game moment , consumers are interested in: the accumulation of points, the receipt of gifts;
- To accumulate bonuses, the consumer buys a product (service) more often, and the volume of purchases is more;
- The value of the product (service) is perceived better: in addition to the product itself, the buyer also receives bonuses;
- Receipt of goods for bonuses is perceived as a gift ( positive emotions from the client );
- Investing in a future purchase . Customers with accumulated bonuses will come to your points;
- Direct and continuous communication with program participants is maintained;
- Costs only for interested active clients;
- Often people spend bonuses on something they would never have bought for money;
- The uniqueness of the program . A more sophisticated and expensive technology platform - high barriers to copying by competitors.


How to become a member of the bonus program?


- If you have PrivatBank POS-terminal installed, then you need to conclude an agreement with PrivatBank "On participation in the" Bonus + "program.
- If PrivatBank's POS-terminal is not installed at you, then it is also necessary to conclude an agreement on accepting payment cards with PrivatBank, a POS-terminal and personnel training is provided by PrivatBank specialists for free.


What size of bonus should trade / service enterprises give - partners of the "Bonus +" program?


Trade and service company independently determines the size of the bonus. As a rule, enterprises set a bonus of 3%. As a loyalty tool, TSP can set a bonus above 3% for certain customers.


How do the settlements between the Bank and Trade / Service Enterprises take place with participation in the bonus program?


The bank reimburses to the bank account of the company the transaction amount minus the bonuses provided to the cardholder.
Example : if the cardholder has purchased goods for 1000 UAH, and the company provides him with a bonus of 5%, then the Bank will transfer 950 UAH to the bank account of the company - the acquiring commission specified in the contract.


How will the Bank advertise the bonus program?


- Conduct large-scale advertising campaigns using all types of media, as well as direct marketing methods of promotion;
- Advertising of enterprises to Clients when issuing new or reissuing credit cards;
- Branding outlets with POS-materials at the expense of the bank (signs, stickers, wobblers, price tags);
- Promotions to promote sales of bonus cards;
- Promotions to promote trade transactions in the network of partners;
- Creation of a separate site where trade / service enterprises will be indicated - participants of the bonus program;
- Printing booklets, guides indicating the trade / service enterprises - participants of the bonus program;
- Opening of points of sale of credit cards in retail outlets - partners of the program;
- Press conferences, presentations and other PR events.


Are there similar programs in other countries?


Similar programs have been successfully implemented in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.
Famous brands: Garantibank, Gocard, etc.