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Q: Phone?
A: +380 56 716 10 00

Q: Fax?
A: +380 56 716 12 71

Q: Free phone?
A: +380 800 500 003

Q: PrivatBank SMS center?
A: +3700
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Universal Credit Card PrivatBank

Q: What is a “Universal” Credit Card?
A: Credit card “Universal” from PrivatBank is an international class card combining the best consumer qualities. This means of payment, and access to credit, and a way to save on purchases, and a convenient tool for storing (and increasing) their savings. What makes this Credit Card truly “Universal”? The suitability of its use in any life situations:
  • Another 10 days before the salary, and the money is already running out? Pay for purchases with a Credit Card, each of which can bring you a million!
  • Do not want to overpay for a loan? Return the money spent before the end of the grace period and do not overpay a penny of interest or commissions!
  • Is there free funds? Put them on a Credit Card and use it as an electronic wallet, for temporary storage or cashless payments! For the remainder - interest / bonuses!
  • Do you want to purchase goods with profit? Take advantage of the Bonus + program for significant savings!
  • How much does it all cost? Not at all! A credit card is issued free of charge within 15-20 minutes!

Q: Who is issued a credit card?
A: A Universal credit card can be provided by a bank to almost any citizen of the country aged 18 to 65. Some conditions for additional cooperation with the bank expand this range:
  • 16-18 years - A credit card is issued if the client is an agent of the bank (with a zero limit)
  • 65-70 years old - A credit card is issued if the client is serviced by the bank under the pension program (the pension is credited to the pension card)
Other significant restrictions are not imposed, but there is an insignificant category of people for whom the bank has negative information. Such customers will not be able to get a credit card.

Q: Free loan up to 55 days - how is it?
The algorithm of the “55 days” scheme works a little more complicated than “30”, but with the right approach, it allows you to use a loan for longer periods of time. In fact, the period of validity of such an interest-free period can be from 25 to 55 days (i.e., an average of 40 days), depending on what day of the month expenses are spent. You must pay off the debt formed in the current month by the 25th day of the next month. Those. if you start spending on the 1st of the current month, then by the 25th of the next month the grace period will really be 55 days. If this rule of debt repayment is not observed, then interest is accrued as if there was no grace period.

Q: What are the credit card rates?
A: Tariffs for using a credit card from Privat Bank.

PrivatBank Agent

Q: What is PrivatBank Agent
A: Do you want to become an agent of PrivatBank? It doesn't matter if you work or not! As an agent, you yourself choose your work schedule! You are not attached to the workplace and you can decide how much time to devote to work! Sell ​​with us and earn up to 10,000 UAH per month!

PrivatBank shares

Q: What is Bonus +?
A: “Bonus +”? This is a program with which you receive bonuses in the form of money for each purchase. You just need to pay at the points of sale of the Privatbank CREDIT program. And the accumulated bonuses can be spent again! Don't have a credit card? Order now and get a bonus of 10 UAH!

PrivatBank Products

Q: Credit Card
A: Universal Credit Card is an international class card that combines the best consumer qualities. This means of payment, and access to credit, and a way to save on purchases, and a convenient tool for storing (and increasing) their savings. What makes this Credit Card truly “Universal”? Suitability of its use in any life situations.
Q: MINI Credit Card
A: An additional card to the Universal Credit Card, which is an original way of accessing the main card account. A distinctive feature is the stylish design of the card and automatic connection to the services of remote account management (Mobile - banking and Privat 24). Issuing a card is free, subject to the conditions of the "Fireworks Shopping" promotion. Within 10 days from the moment of activation, you will make a purchase in the amount of at least 50 hryvnias by paying with a mini-Credit and within 30 days from the moment of activation you will make 5 purchases in the amount of at least 100 hryvnias.