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Services of PrivatBank

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Promotion for the CIS: PrivatBank, MoscomPrivateBank, TAO Bank, AS PrivatBank
Public joint-stock company commercial bank "PrivatBank" License NBU № 22 from 05.10.2011
FOR INDIVIDUALS Debit cards Classic , JUNIOR . Credit cards Universal , Mini , Loyalty program BONUS + ,
Instant debit cards , Social and Retirement cards
IP and CORP. FOR CLIENTS Microcrediting, Salary project, Bank account for IP and corporate clients . Agreement on payment acceptance
Loyalty Program BONUS + , Equiring , Credit Card Gold, Platinum, Signia
Universal Credit Card Credit card The "Universalna" credit card is an international class card that combines the best consumer qualities. This is a means of payment, and access to credit, and a way to save on purchases, and a convenient tool for storing (and multiplying) your savings. What makes this Credit Card truly "Universal"? Suitability of its use in any life situations.
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Mini Credit card Mini Credit card MINI Credit card. Additional card to the Credit Card "Universal", which is the original way to access the account of the main card. A distinctive feature is a stylish card design and automatic connection to remote account management services (Mobile-banking and Privat 24). The card issue is free, provided the conditions of the "Fireworks of purchases" campaign are fulfilled. Within 10 days from the moment of activation you will make a purchase for the amount of at least 50 UAH, having paid off by miniCredit and within 30 days from the moment of activation having made 5 purchases for the amount of not less than 100 UAH.
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Junior Card Junior Card Junior card will be useful for schoolchildren who want to receive useful information, communicate with their peers, learn how to earn money independently, and also become a student of the JuniorBank Business School.
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Become an agent Become an agent Do you want to become an agent of PrivatBank? It does not matter whether you work or not! As an agent, you choose the schedule of your work! You are not attached to the workplace and you can decide for yourself how much time to give to work! Sell ​​with us and earn up to 10000 UAH per month!
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Pension card Pension card Today, more than 1.6 million customers in Ukraine have estimated the benefits of comprehensive service under the PrivatBank Pension Program.
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PEOPLEnet PEOPLEnet Freedom of communication in any place and at any time. Mobile Internet from PEOPLEnet operates at speeds up to 3.1 Mbps.
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Debit cards Debit cards Classic personal debit international map of the Classical level. confirmation of your solvency in case of going abroad. Increased protection of the card. The optimum ratio of the price and quality of the product. Payment by card without% -more than 13 million points of sale in the world.
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Social cards Social cards To issue a social card, you do not need to visit the bank in addition - the card is issued to the customer at the first visit to the bank. The owner of a social card is given a discount (up to 15%) in more than 4000 thousand stores throughout Ukraine.
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Gold card Gold card Gold card - Personal manager, unsecured credit line, discounts in stores. All these privileges for Gold card holders PrivatBank. To learn more
Platinum Cards Platinum Cards Platinum cards are a symbol of the high social status of their owners recognized throughout the world. To learn more
Auto loans Auto loans Auto loan is a loan program for individuals and legal entities to purchase a car. You can apply for a loan in any branch of the Bank. Repayment of a loan in any branch of the Bank throughout Ukraine or via the Internet. Ability to apply for a loan without a certificate of income. Cares for registration of the car PrivatBank takes over. To learn more
Salary project Salary project What is a SCHEDULE PROJECT? This agreement between the bank and your company (organization) on the payment of wages of your employees through plastic cards of international payment systems. To learn more
Bank account of client corporation Client account Opening an account is an opportunity to use a complex of banking products and services that provide tools for managing your funds on a settlement and deposit account, control transfers, in fact, allow you to organize a bank in your office. To learn more
Insurance Insurance Insurance is a financial protection against unforeseen situations. The provider of CASCO insurance services, real estate and property, from accidents and personal insurance is CJSC INGOSSTRAKH insurance company, OGSSO (Motorcade) insurance companies -DOOD SK "CREDO" and CJSC SC "PROVIDNA" To learn more
Fuel card Fuel card A fuel card is an opportunity to quickly control the fuel resources of any Company! At any convenient time, independently, around the clock, any day of the week, an employee of an enterprise (which oversees transport) has the opportunity to redistribute liters to fuel cards of employees.
Payment card Payment card The settlement card is a convenient tool for making any calculations: both to employees and partners, and to contractors. And most importantly - it will save your time!
SEA OPPORTUNITY PACKAGE Capabilities The "SEA OPPORTUNITY" package of services is designed specifically for maritime professionals who travel abroad for work for hire, as well as for members of their families.