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HTML and Text Syntaxer

The easiest and fastest way to get unique content

Script synonym for HTML and text Online + Script

You probably ask why?

  • With the help of our synonymizer you can easily get unique content from any text that you have.
  • Also, you do not have to spend a lot of your time editing the articles you found.
  • By purchasing our script synonymizer, you become the owner of a powerful tool for uniqueness of the Russian-language text.
  • The synonymizer script we offer is simple to install and use - and does not require you to have any special knowledge and programming skills when working with the script.
  • Well, if you are at least a little programmer, you can easily use all the power, using our unique function, integrating it into your scripts, and getting synonymous texts on the fly with subsequent output to the browser.
  • By purchasing our script once, you will receive all the available updates for a long time absolutely free.

And what is it for me - and where can I apply it? - you ask.

  • Well, for example, recently in the network there were various exchanges and services trading with unique content, and people who sell this content earn good money. But it's not everyone's power to write articles from the head - and just at that moment our script of the synonymizer can help you.
  • Or, for example, you are a Webmaster - and every day you face the same problem - where to get unique content for the site? Write yourself or buy on the exchange? But this is not so cheap. Here and in this you can also help our script.
  • Do the satellites? And then he will help!
  • Publish sites? And here would help.
  • Do you want to get an anti-plagiarism? And our synonymizer will successfully cope with this.

How it works?

  • The online synonym script is written in php and works both on the server and locally when Denver is installed.
  • The script does not use databases.
  • The dictionary of synonyms collected by us includes more than 91,000 words and phrases - and accordingly there are as many synonyms for them. Virtually the entire database is selected in the light of morphology.
  • The script uses a special algorithm for text processing, thanks to which a very high speed of the script is achieved.
  • When buying a script, the package includes a function that uses the same text processing algorithm as the script. This function can be used to synonymize text from a variable.
  • The database of synonyms of our script is in an open source php file and is available for editing in both text and web editors.
  • Also, the script provides the ability to add synonyms to the database, and there is a function when selecting which, the morphology is used when adding words and their synonyms to the database.
  • There are two ways to add synonyms to the database. The first one - without reverse conversion, the second one - with reverse conversion. That is, if you select the second option, if you, for example, add a lot of words to the database and want to replace it with a lot, then more will be added to the database, which will be replaced by a lot.
  • If you try to add to the database a word or phrase that already exists in the meringue, the script will tell you about it and offer options - replace it with a new one or cancel it.
  • By using our script you can get 70 - 90% of the readable text, and if you still use pens to add synonyms to the database, you can achieve even greater results.
  • In the synonymizer database, there can be only one synonym for each word or phrase.

How to set it up?

  • If you have at least the slightest basics of programming on php, then you can easily use all the power of the synonymizer, using our function when building your scripts.
  • Here is a simple example of using our function:
  • <?php
    include_once ( "файл синононимайзера.php" );
    $text = " Здесь должен быть тот текст который вы хотите изменить при помощи нашего скрипта" ;
    sinonimeyzer ( $text ); // Функция синонимизации текста.
  • In the browser, the synonymous text will now be displayed: "This must be the text you want to change with our script."
  • By the same principle, you can write text to the database, or output text from the database to receive in the browser is already synonymous.