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Free million visitors for your site!

About a month ago, rereading the topic of PageRank and TIC sites, accidentally bumped into an Internet site with a very interesting, simple and effective system of attracting visitors!

Briefly describe the main thing:
- It's simple, cheap and angry, as they say.
- You have enough to look at 7 sites, fill a couple of lines of the form and register to get more than a million visitors every month to your site.
- And - for free.
- The site is English-speaking. I'll try to tell you the main thing, IN RUSSIAN.


STEP 1 (step 1). On the opened page, after the inscription STEP 1 (step 1), there are 7 links to the participating sites (1 link "Sponsor Ad" and 6 links under the numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6).
After viewing each link, a numerical code is displayed at the top of the page to be viewed, which must be copied and pasted into the corresponding windows on the site.

STEP 2 (step 2). Fill out an unpretentious form of registration.
After that, having marked the birds with consent to the rules in the three windows, press "Sign Me Up Now!" and you are registered.

You receive a letter with an activation link, which is sure to click and immediately get a link to yours, exactly the same site where at number 1 will be your link, and the rest will be moved down one. It is enough to attract several people to this site, so that you have a huge number of visitors all the time.

Americans called this method viral marketing. Not bad. The scheme looks like this:

Increase site traffic

I think that you should immediately fill in the window and register, if you read up to these words.

Of course, while there are your first followers, time will pass and not in the first month you will receive such a number of visitors. But those half an hour are worth the trouble. In any case, it's easier than dealing with logs in a heap of incomprehensible directories. And webmasters with administrators are smart people and immediately understand their benefits. When your link will find a dozen site owners, then it's easier.
The complexity, which is warned, is that soon you will have to increase the hosting speed, otherwise the site can become inaccessible from a lot of visitors. This is what I read about at the Hungarian forum, where the admin was urgently looking for a new cheap hosting.
But if the hosting problem does not bother you, then put a banner or text link on your website and do your business calmly.
If there are familiar site owners, then they should write or call. But do not deal with spam, you know yourself that nobody likes this.
Well, do not pass your login and password to others. For this, your site can be excluded from the system.
Yes, and another important condition: your e-mail box should be working. Spam there will not be sent, but 1-2 times a week will come useful information. That's a good thing invented in California.

All clear? If you do not understand - I'm always ready to help you!
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Then boldly click the link or banner below and register!

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