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172 AdSense site = $ 5000 per month

In this post there will be no practical advice, only figures, which, of course, are far from reality. In fact, there are always more problems than on paper. And, as a rule, the most serious problems for those who do not start doing anything.

These figures are optimistic, they cheer up and draw in the imagination of PPC freshman colorful paintings. For a wise old man, the most useful thing to learn is the principle of scalability. It's easier to create a hundred mutant Lilliputians in your secret lab and force them to bring you a dollar a day than trying to construct one giant giant freak.

So, how many Lilliputians need to receive $ 5000 per month?

Count our expenses: domains and hosting. One domain is $ 5.99 per year. That's 50 cents a month. Hosting can be found for $ 4.95 per month and accommodate up to 50 sites. That is about 10 cents per site. Total is $ 0.60. Round to $ 1.

One dollar a month from the site can be quite easily obtained from AdSense. It is even more relevant to talk about $ 1 a day, a month after two or three work on the site. That is, $ 30 per month - revenue from the site, minus $ 1 of expenditure, we get $ 29 net profit.

To earn $ 5000 per month it is necessary ( $ 5000 divide by $ 29 ) only 172 sites.

Much of the sites, but if you can increase the profitability of each site, then the number will begin to decline rapidly. With an average profit of $ 2 / day, you will need 85 sites. $ 5 / day - 33 sites.

That's all the math.