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Autoposting services in social networks

Сервисы автопостинга в социальных сетях

Recently, I have my own community of VKontakte and Facebook .

For a long time everything was smooth, I posted ~ 2-5 records per day, but I decided to somehow optimize it all.

A little googling, I found several autoposting services that allow it to be implemented.


Now there is no need to sit at the monitor all day. Create content at a convenient time, BuzzLike will post your messages at a specified time. Your community will grow while you rest.

Service Link:


If you are an active blogger on social networks or you have your own group / public page, you are located at. The goal of our project is simple - to help you save time and nerves. Feedman is the dude who does all your work on a schedule! We have developed for you a convenient interface with many useful and very useful features.

Service link:


FeedTime is a scheduled posting service that saves you time. FeedTime works in popular social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter. Just set the schedule, and the records themselves will go at a specified time. They can attach audio recordings, pictures or video. You can broadcast RSS to a group, as well as create an RSS feed from sent posts.

Service Link:


Time2Post is a service that combines your public pages on VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter. Time2Post is a service of postponing posting on Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter. Time2Post allows you to instantly send a message immediately to a group (public) of Vkontakte, to a page on Facebook and a Twitter account. You can also set a schedule and messages will be sent without your participation.

Service Link:


Sociate is an advertising exchange and free posting on a schedule in social networks, providing an opportunity to earn money on Vkontakte groups and receive quality traffic from social networks. With us you can place your ads on the best sites on Vkontakte or receive a steady income from the publication of advertising posts on the group’s page.

Service Link:


According to statistics, which was carried out by the facebook network, the effectiveness of automatic posting to social networks is about 3-5%, in contrast to manual posting. The thing is that a person sees at once whether it is automatic or not. And immediately formed an opinion. If a person sees a beautiful announcement and opinion of the author in the announcement - this means that the author has tried and really wants to share something interesting with the public. On such announcements of clicks many times more.

Therefore, decide what is more important to you. Take the quantity or quality ... I certainly for the quality quantity, but is there enough time and effort? In general, everyone must make their own decisions for themselves.

PS If you know other services, write, be sure to add.