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Free to register a domain in the zone

FAQ how to register a domain in the zone

Q1: What is DNS, Primary NS, zone ...?
A: Not a bad vote on this topic is on the site: ,

Q2: How to register a domain?
1. Get yourself a Nic-handle
On the site we register Nic-handle (Reestrazija a note about private person) following the instructions.
We are waiting for a letter from with the subject "Your password".
Let We took MY00-UANIC to ourselves.

2. We register for Primary NS services
On the site we register an account.
Let We decided to take the demon name
We go (Logon), select Add Zone and in the Zone field enter
Fill all the fields as shown in the picture

Domain Registration
Domain names are,, Domains com / net / org. Hosting - from $ 6 / month.

!!! Do not forget that the domain name is also a couple of different domains.
!!! Here You need to replace it with your email with a dot instead of the @ sign also with a dot at the end.
!!! a dot is needed at the end of the email.
!!! Do not forget to edit each field after clicking the Update button next to it.
!!! Fields in the sector RRs, you can add only one by one, after pressing Update.
!!! Watch for the correct placement of points after domain names &.

3. We register for Secondary NS services
On the site fill out the form as shown in the picture

Domain Registration - registration of domain names, quality hosting

!!! Do not forget that the domain name is also a couple of different domains.
!!! We are waiting for a letter from for activation.
!!! It will be necessary to find the password in the message, go to the account (for www also without www) and tick "ACTIVE".

4. We send the application for registration
The first option (it is better to choose the second option!):
We will use the master domain registration at
When registering for a domain, enter your NS, i.e. also

If you later observe the order in the domain status
"Waiting for NS configuration" - this means that the NS is not configured correctly,
those. the domain did not rise at also
Check if you did everything correctly as soon as the domain will be
correctly raised on also,
it will automatically register.

The second option (really working !!!!):

The application is best sent from a little-known mail domain. Because:
"To prevent mass registration of domains, the number of applications received from a single mail domain does not exceed 3 applications per day. The following applications will be denied immediately after they are placed in the queue. Be careful: your email domain is not the same as your mailbox! "

We write a letter to
with the topic: ADD

Automated processing accepts applications, the size of which does not exceed 4 KB, without attached files, the format for sending messages is plain text (without hyperlinks), in koi8 encoding. Failure to meet these requirements is the most common cause of errors during registration.

----------------- cut ------------------

descr: NAME
admin-c: MY00-UANIC
tech-c: MY00-UANIC
changed: date
source: UANIC

----------------- cut ------------------

Where - Your domain
The descr field can have any text
MY00-UANIC - Your Nic-handle date - Your e-mail and domain registration DATE (today's date) in YYYYMMDD format

At the address indicated in the admin-c will be sent a letter requesting registration.
Follow the instructions in the email.

It will be necessary to send a letter (click to answer) to in response to what was received, where to erase everything except the following lines (example) :

application: 1693668
checksum: 31159
approve: Y

In an hour or three or more, you will receive a notification on your successful registration (or not very :)

What do the entries in the zone edit window mean?
"Click to show the spoiler - click again to hide ..."
Q3: What are the entries in the zone edit window?
A: The structure of the zone consists of a pair of record types: SOA (for each zone can
there should be only one to write SOA) also RR (there can be many such records)

A full description of these records is available here: RFC1033

Let's briefly consider the main points:
- If in which or field it is necessary to specify a domain, it is allowed to do either in short form or in full. A short view contains the share of the domain name also should not be terminated in any way by a dot. In this case, in full form, this name will consist of a short form of a zone joined together by a dot. The full view consists of a filled domain name and should end with a period.
- In the SOA record, the first field "Person in charge" must have the email address of the person responsible for the face area. In this case, instead of the @ symbol, a dot is also put on the end, there should also be a point, if the domain name in the email is complete.
- The rest of the field in the SOA record is a fleeting delay in seconds:
Refresh - the interval with which secondaryNS checks primaryNS for updates.
Retry - the interval with which secondaryNS repeats the request to primaryNS after the failed failure to perform the update.
Expire is the upper limit, for secondaryNS at what time it can use data taken from primaryNS
Minimum - the minimum number of seconds used for the TTL field in the RR records.
- In the RR entry, the Name field specifies to which domain the current record is applied. In some cases, the Name field may remain empty, and the default value will be picked from the previous RR record. If the Name field is empty in the first RR entry, the default value is the zone name.
- Types of records RR also the value of the Data field for them:
NS - Name server, Data - server name
A - Address, Data - IP address
MX - The server for finishing the mail for the domain specified in the Name field, Data - priority also the name of the server. The server with the least priority is trying to process the mail.
CNAME is the domain alias. In the Name field, we type the alias, Data is the domain name.

Q4: How do I know if my zone is working properly?
A: You can use the dig command.
As parameters, you must specify the domain, as well as the DNS server on which the zone is allocated.

Q5: Can I purchase e-mail for my domain?
A: You can. To do this, you need to add an MX entry to your zone that points to
The record should look, for example, like this:
@ MX 10
After adding such a record, a new table appears at the bottom of the page, the main field of which will be the domain for which the MX record was added, but in the second field it is necessary to enter the already existing email address to which you have access. After clicking the "Apply" button
all mail sent to your domain will be redirected to the specified email.

FAQ from the site
"Click to show the spoiler - click again to hide ..."

To pass through the automatic partitions, the electronic sheet does not need to be imprinted on the vimogs: the rozmіr sheet does not translate in any way 4 KB, without files, without HTML-formatting, without MIME-koduvan (such yak Quoted Printable chi base64). Невиконання цієї вимоги - напопоширеніша reason of pardonment at реєстрації. Otzhe predim yak zvertatysya for dopomogo perevirte chi pre-trimiruvalisya Vich zim vimog.

For zapobіgannia masovі reestrazії zemnіvі z metіu nesumlіnogo використання (кіберсквотингу) кількість applications ADD, scho приймаються in one поштового domain , not перевищує 3 applications for a dow. In the enthusiastic ADD applications, the bid will be forwarded to the fundraising company in the country.
Be respectful chitayuchi alternately clarify: your post-domain - no way the same, but your postal picture! Zauvazhte takozh those, scho tse obmezhennia not in any way vidnodishennya up to vkazanogo in zapavtsyі nik-hanglu, limіtuyutsya domain vidpravnika application.

Дивіться також: Прес-реліз ТОВ Хостмайстер щодо різкого збільшення requests to the domain ORG.UA

Delegouvania, skasuvannya, zmіni daniih domainov vikonuyutsya in the result of the application box. The application is an electronic sheet, a form of domain, in which the operation is entered into the domain name of the domain. The recognition and syntax of the form domain is described in clause 4.21 of the UA domain rules. For, the following are required:
  • ADD - Deed of domain name change
  • MODIFY - зміна реєстраційних даних домену, включає:
    • redelegation (because of administrable contact admin-c),
    • зміна технічних параметрыів (name-серверів)
    • зміна tech-cial contact tech-c;
    • інші зміни.
  • DELETE - the visa for the domain name.
Заповнені заявки слід Directions for automatic blocking of the реєстраційноюю system at register address підкреслення query org org крак ua.

Application of the application for the deed of domain name change

 Subject: ADD

 descr: test domain
 admin-c: BBB-UANIC
 tech-c: AAA-UANIC
 nserver: another.server.ns
 changed: your-email-address 20060120
 source: UANIC
The application of the request for a domain name change:

 Subject: MODIFY

 descr: test domain
 admin-c: AAA-UANIC
 tech-c: BBB-UANIC
 tech-c: CCC-UANIC
 nserver: one.server.ns
 nserver: another.server
 changed: your-email-address 20060120
 source: UANIC
The application of the zapovednennya application for the domain:
 Subject: DELETE


With the above-mentioned electronic sheet in the system, the authenticity of the editorial board (the e-mail address of the adviser in the database of the UANIC) and the syntactical analysis of the sheet are vikonuet. Звіт about the result of the syntactic analysis of the leaf to interfere with the admonitor. Якщо лист розпізнано як зая чи чи підтвердження операції, в темі відповіді реєстраційної системі вказується

 Subject: [.UAMail] OK: ...... and gave the theme of the cobblestone sheet

Yaksho program analiza sheet does not know in the application, do you want to leave a pardon, in order to vkazuyetsya

 Subject: [.UAMail] ERROR: .....

and in zvіt bude included поідидомлення about pomilki (перелік pomilok diviv at уdotku 1).

When vistischnosti pomolok application to go up to the worms of applications і їй assigned to the number (Application #). At the address of the appellant of the application, the application for registration of the application in the draft should be enclosed, the application number must be filled in, the application can not be satisfied with the claim, cause (s) in the application. Butt:

 Subject: DEFERRED: ...... (application #)

 The block number of the request .... number of loans for the reasons:

 Not given pidtverdzhenzhenya admin-c

Yaksho in cherzi vzhe zhodihoditsya application for the same domain i'm'ya, yaka nadislana rіshe і ochіkіu підтвердження, the friend's application is sentenced, про що відправника реїї requests posted by the sheet:


 Subject: REJECTED: .... (application #)

 Адміністратор публічного домену прийняв рішення про відмову
 in number request number ... for the following reasons:

 Vzhe є taka the application itself in Cherz.
Yakshto for the application greeting is necessary to send an application to the domain (admin-c), the system automatically replies to the contact information on the e-mail address, I will write to the recipients of the UANIC-note of the individual (the email field UANIC-record). Warns up to the contact person

  • application number - row application
  • redoing code - row checksum
  • varіanti відповіді - Y (згодний зі змінами), N (not згодний),
  • інструкцію по вддправці відповіді і explanatory text.


 Subject: .......... processing approval request

 У вхідну чергу адміністратора пубічного домену надійшла
 Application ....

 !!!  Do not see the oncoming ranks !!!

 Be affectionate, give a reply to this leaf, having seen one row of s
 Cich duh:

 approve: Y
 (Do not shut out the Degouguvannia)

 approve: N
 (Zaperechau proti Deliguvannya)

 In various times, in order to meet the "Y" list, the application will be greeted.
 In this case (in the number at the time of submission) the bid will

 Якщо реєстрацією вашого домену займається інша person chi
 organizatsiya (provider, tochno), perešlіt їй цього листа.
In the entry to the address is indicated the addresses for the entries. Відповідь на запит обов'язково має містити ряки

і one з варіантів:
 approve: Y
 approve N
Відповідь на запит очікується stretching 1 robochogo day (vihіdnі t svatkovі dnі zbіlshuyut ochіkuvannya vіdpііdі). It is possible to record on the bridge, you can send it to the address, you will be jammed with the yak (addresses of the contact person, admin-c), so be sure to address it. Reconsider the validity of the control code (checksum). On the other hand, the domain can not self-regulate by itself, but it can also be used to redirect it to a domain (provider, companion-provider, hosting provider).

With above-mentioned recommendations, the system of reestra- tion of the identification of the inspector, the syntactic analysis of the sheet, the number of the application and the reference number must be entered. With otrimanni stverdnoї vіdpovіdi, the application zadovolnyaetsya (ok, yakshcho application bula vidkladena for a few reasons, is carried out perevirka vystupnoy ymov).

In the case of negative feedback, please read the application for 2 working days, the application must be registered, and the complainant will be dismissed. Butt:


 Subject: REJECTED: .... (application #)

 Адміністратор публічного домену прийняв рішення про відмову
 in number request number .... for the following reasons:

 Not given pidtverdzhenzhenya admin-c.

1. The procedure for the re-registration of domain names. (ADD Operation)

For the registration of a domain name, the registration must be made in person, in the application form, an administrative contact. Реєстрант (адмінистративний контакт) виконує functції по керуванню зареєстрованим domain: всі повідомлення about зміну to the country of origin to direct admin-c. At реєстрації від admin-c необхідне підтвердження правильності реєстраційних даних. For yyogo reestrazії nadisila system is written to the address admin-contact, stated in the application. The video will be recorded by the extension of 2 working days. Vіsutність відповіді чи is negative відповідь cite up to відмови in реєстрації доменного імені - application вікидається, про що повістраляється виідправника заявки.

With otrimanni positivnogo vidpovіdi zapituvanane blastomene ім'я реєструється - the application zadovolnyaetsya. About the re-development of the newly-made domain name, please contact at admin-c І tech-c, in the application form.

In applications, one-third of the applications are for one domain, for all administrations (with administrative administrators), for a buddy, those applications must be submitted prior to the application of the application envelope, and the applications must be notified to the applicants. Yaksho domain will be registered on the first request (it will be returned to the positive on the pack), your applications will be sent. Якщо ж першій заявці відмовлено і domain name ім'я по ній is not registered in any way, починає оброблятися друя application for the purpose of domain name ім'я - надсиляється запит відповідному реєстранту.

For zapobіgannia masovі reestrazії zemnіvі z metіu nesumlіnogo використання (кіберсквотингу) кількість applications ADD, scho приймаються in one поштового domain , not перевищує 3 applications for a dow. In the enthusiastic ADD applications, the bid will be forwarded to the fundraising company in the country. Дивіться також: Прес-реліз ТОВ Хостмайстер щодо різкого збільшення requests to domain ORG.UA

2. The procedure for changing the domain name (MODIFY application)

For zmіni administrativnivnuyu to the contact domain (re-delelegvannya domain) потрібне підтвердження від нинішнього admin-c domain - запит на підтвердження надслається діючому admin-c.

Всеі інші зміни domain (зміна переліку name-серверів, зміна tech-c, зміна fields descr, яке містить domain for public in сервісі whois) can login підтвердити як admin-c так і tech-c - запит на підтвердження надслається всім контактным персонабм.

Як тільки отримано відповідь від контактної individuals (admin-c chi tech-c), the application is crumbled. With otrimanni positivnosti vedpodіdi znіni zmіni be introduced in the domain of the domain; with otrimanni negativnoi vidpovidi zmіni not be paid.

Якщо in заявці MODIFY one-time змінюється admin-c та інші реєстраційні дані, then the application is rozbivayutsya on dvі: CHANGE ADMIN-C і MODIFY, kozhna з яких обробляється окремо.

Кількість заявки MODIFY від однієї individuals is not obmezhena.


At the address of the administrative contact, the contact will apply to the registration of the administrator in the domain (admin-c fields).

At otrimanni positivnoi vedpodіdi on zapit about zmіnu admіnistrativnivnuyu to contact (CHANGE ADMIN-C) in reestratsіnyh giving the domain zmіnjuetsya field admin-c. Zmіni in інші fields not to be brought in any way. Новий адміністративний contact to the domain отримує повідомлення about зміну реєстраційних даних домену. At the address of the ad-ministrative contact, please contact:


 Subject: admin-c CHANGED: .... (Domain Record #)

 The domain is redelegated.
 It is brought up to Vashogo Vidom, but Vee is no longer adept
 contact for the domain:

Якщо в реєстраційних даних кнірні закіння знікації інформація і admin-c не може отрмати запит по e-mail, адміністратор to the domain може прийняти рішення about the block of the application on the basis of additional documents, on the application, оциційного лист vід организаізації-реєстранта. In the future, clarify at the possibility of redesigning the domain in the presence of administrator-c.


At the address admin-c і tech-c will apply to the registration of the domain of domain names given to the domain.

With otrimanni positivnoi vedpodіі reestrazіynі danyi domain zmіniyutsya, про що всі контактні individuals, domain отримутть повідомлення. In all directions, the new (ninational) is the old (alternating) stan of the reestra- tion of domains given to the domain.

At otrimanni negativnoi vedpodіdi na zapit chi at vіsutnostі vіdpovіd in the course of 5 robotic dniv, application vidhilyaetsya, zmіni not to be paid in any way.

3. Viluchenia of domain name (application DELETE)

For the registration of a domain name, you must register a domain with an administrative contact.

At the address of the administrative contact, it is requested to apply for registration of the domain name of the domain name.

With otrimanni positivnoi vidpovidi na zapit blastomene іm'ya viluchaetsya ta zvіlnyuєt'sya for reestrazії. Всеі контактні особи, корі були вказані в реєстраційних giving the domain, отримутть повідомлення про проц.

Кількість заявок DELETE від однієї individual is not obmezhena.

Dodatok 1.

Повіддомлення about pomilki

 20101: A note about the domain name of the city
means, in the order in the application ADD domain I am already registered.

 20141: Pardon in the syntax
in the application form the obovyazov field

 20807: The pomilkov name for the title "Content-Transfer-Encoding".  Try: "8bit".
 20804: Z of those sheets did not zrozumilo, scho treby robiti.
signify, scho otrimaniy sheet, leaf, doluchenya chi MIME-koduvannya.

To pass through the automatic partitions, the electronic sheet does not need to be imprinted on the vimogs: the rozmіr sheet does not translate in any way 4 KB, without files, without HTML-formatting, without MIME-koduvan (such yak Quoted Printable chi base64).

How to bypass the restriction when registering the domain ORG.UA. (1 way)
"Click to show the spoiler - click again to hide ..."

There are hundreds of articles on the Internet about how it is possible to register an domain, but they are no longer relevant, because a lot of free hosting servers have been banned. But, apparently, they, like many Internet users, did not know that also gives an opportunity to attach a domain to their site, and their DNS servers, unlike, were not blocked (!!!!). Here's what they write in the people's note:

That is, if your site is made with the help of the site designer, and not the workshop (the people offer two options), then it is possible to attach the domain. To do this, enter your new desired domain on the main page. For the purity of the experiment, I will describe in more detail the process by the example of this site, which is made, according to the same technology.

Step 1. We register the site on the people, and at the same time choose, make a site using the designer. I do not think this process should be explained.

Step 2: Add the domain.

On the main page of the people, if you sign in, there will be a window where you need to enter the desired domain on

With this, problems should arise.

Now after adding the domain we have such DNS-servers: and They are for all sites on the people. More in the help of the people , but there is nothing new there.

Step 4 . Now we need to register the domain on , send our DNS servers there.
Point 2. Registration of hosting , in this article we have already performed, and the rest, there is very detailed described.

This method through hosting people, you can also use to book some domain, until you have a good hosting.

How to bypass the restriction when registering the domain ORG.UA. (2 way)
"Click to show the spoiler - click again to hide ..."


Bypassing the ban of NS-addresses in the domain zone ORG.UA

I propose a universal method for bypassing the ORG.UA co-ordinator ban on some free NS-addresses used to register free domains (, and also when transferring domains to these servers (domain modifications).

The essence of the method is to create an A-record from an IP of banned NS-addresses on the OTHER domain.

For example:

  1. Register a free domain in the zone PP.UA ( through the registrar NIC.UA (as you can see here );
  2. When registering, immediately order managed NS (you can do it later, but it's faster);
  3. Activate the domain on the incoming SMS (and the domain will be active immediately);
  4. Go to the NS records control panel of this domain and create two A-records, with names (for example) ns1 and ns2, in the IP-address of which specify the IP addresses of banned NS-addresses.

For example: for the domain you can make such A-records:

Name: IPv4 host address: Address of banned NS-address:
ns1 (corresponds to the NS-address: )
ns2 (corresponds to the NS-address: )

Find out the IP-addresses for your list of NS-addresses, please visit

Thus, it is possible to substitute banned NS-addresses for their clones, whose names are not included by the coordinator of the domain zone ORG.UA in the black list:
Was: - Became:
Was: - Became:

It is these clones of NS-addresses (NS-clones) that should be used when registering (or modifying) a domain in the ORG.UA zone.

The use of NS clones is possible only by sending emails to the robot. Using NS-clones on the service is impossible, in view of their recognition by this service under their real addresses. Email templates and command syntax can be found at

It stands to reason that in the control panels and, you first need to create a domain zone for the registered (modifiable) domain and wait for it to "ring "(3-5 hours). Then, it will be possible to attach the domain, by adding the A-record in the control panel