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Sharing innerHTML and onMouseOver

This note is the simplest example of using the methods and properties of innerHTML and onMouseOver to dynamically change the text on a page. So the simplest example of changing the text when you hover a link to the desired link (and in general any other container)
 <html> <script type = "text / javascript"> <! - function change_desc () {//desc.innerHTML=" Changed the contents of the paragraph with id = 'desc' ";  not a universal version of document.getElementById ("desc"). innerHTML = "Changed the contents of the paragraph with id = 'desc'";  } -> </ script> <p id = "desc"> Paragraph with variable text </ p> <a href="#" onMouseOver="change_desc()"> Change text </a> </ html> 

This example can be slightly simplified, for example, changing the text in a paragraph to different variants and returning it to its original state after removing the mouse pointer from it using predefined string constants:

 <script type = "text / javascript">

 <! -
 default_text = "Standard text";
 text1 = "Accordingly, text1";
 text2 = "Accordingly, text2";
 function change_desc (v) {
 //desc.innerHTML=" Modified paragraph content with id = 'desc' ";  not a universal option
 document.getElementById ("desc"). innerHTML = v;
 </ script>
 <p id = "desc"> Paragraph with variable text </ p>
 <! - we start our microfunction with parameters in the form of a constant name with texts ->
 <a href="#" onMouseOver="change_desc(text1)" onMouseOut="change_desc(default_text)"> Change text to 1st </a>
 <a href="#" onMouseOver="change_desc(text2)" onMouseOut="change_desc(default_text)"> Change the text to the second </a>

 </ html>

If, when testing JavaScript, FireBug displays the message "the name of a variable, constant or function 'is not defined", you need to check your code for correctness. For example, if there are unscreened quotes (") in the contents of a constant, and a semicolon (;) character may be missing before the function is declared.