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10 Firefox Plugins That Every Web Developer Should Use

FireBug, Font Finder, ColorZilla, Web Developer, IE Tab, SeoQuake, Window Resizer, YSlow, Screengrab, Total Validator

Most web developers use the Mozilla Firefox browser, because under it there are a lot of useful plugins and there are alternatives to each plug-in ... Many are already switching to Google Chrome, which I also tested, what to say fast, but still raw, plug-ins are every day more and more, but for now I prefer FireFox and now catch 10 plug-ins, which every web developer simply must use.

10 Плагинов для Firefox, которые

1. FireBug


I think this plugin needs no introduction, many, even almost all developers and designers know and actively use it. But if you are a beginner, this plugin has many functions, if you have problems on the page, the text or column is not evenly displayed, just click "Analyze element" and adjust the necessary parameters, and then set them in your styles. In general, he has a lot of useful features ...
Go to the plugin page: FireBug

2. Font Finder

Font Finder

The plugin allows you to find out all the styles of CSS, the selected text fragment. To activate, select a piece of text, then click mouse2 (right mouse button), and then Font Finder. And you will learn what CSS styles the selected text uses.
Go to the plugin page: Font Finder

3. ColorZilla


A simple but necessary plugin. With which, it is easy to know the color of any piece of the picture. To activate the plugin, click on the icon and hover the mouse over any part of the picture. And everything will show you the value in RGB. This plugin greatly facilitates the work, you do not need to rummage through CSS or copy the image and then edit it in Photoshop or other special editors.
Go to the plugin page: ColorZilla

4. Web Developer

Web Developer

This plugin allows you to disable and edit CSS style, images, cookie management, CSS checking for errors, and many other useful functions when viewing the site. This plugin should definitely be every web developer!
Go to the plugin page: Web Developer

5. IE Tab

IE Tab

There are not always old versions of IE, especially in the new OS, but you need to check or try something, a plugin was created for this. This plugin gives you the opportunity to open Internet Explorer in a new tab in Firefox, within the browser.
Go to the plugin page: IE Tab | For new versions of FF Coral IE Tab

6. SeoQuake


Well, I spoke about this plugin more than once already. This plugin helps, greatly helps and facilitates the work in search engine optimization (SEO). Going to the site, you immediately get a lot of information about the site, its pr, particles, internal and external links, as well as a bunch of other information, everything is configured.
Go to the plugin page: SeoQuake + Plugin to add indicators from Yandex

7. Window Resizer

Window resizer

When creating a new layout, we need to make sure that the layout is displayed correctly in standard and frequently used resolutions. This plugin allows you to change the resolution of your browser in one click.
Go to the plugin page: Window Resizer | Window Resizer for New FF Versions

8. YSlow


This plugin allows you to determine the time spent on loading your site, the size of the image on your site, and a lot of useful information on your site.
Go to the plugin page: YSlow

9. Screengrab


With the help of screengrab, you can take screenshots of web pages, both individual parts and the whole page. And then we have the ability to save the image in JPEG or PNG.
Go to the plugin page: Screengrab

10. Total Validator

otal validator

This 5 in 1 plugin validator makes checking sites much easier by checking links, html, css, and more. He also checks broken links, takes screenshots through different browsers and operating systems to find out how your site looks.
Go to the plugin page: Total Validator