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Make a gif-image with a transparent background

Here I wanted to give an example of how to make a gif-picture with a transparent background:
We take the finished gif-file and put it in the editor (in our case it's GIF Movie Gear)

Open the menu: Animation / Properties ../ Global Frame and press the Edit button. (Transparent is enabled):

It remains to click the eyedropper on the white background of the picture and the background will become transparent, if there are dirty pixels left in the figure, they can be eliminated with a 2nd pipette with a plus. Each time, all pixels of the same color are selected and added, and their color is determined by the point with the mouse cursor at the time of the click:

Then press the [Ok] button (it did not fit in the picture) and save the resulting animation:

Possible artifacts of the image can be retouched.

Such a drawing can be superimposed on other layered images, taking into account that the first layer will be lower than the second layer and so on ..

The mode of optimization of gif animation is also overlooked, due to discarding duplicate image points between adjacent frames:

You can also change the delay time between frames, their sizes and chroma.

Particularly well compress animations of large formats with repeating fragments of frames and small color.