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How to get the icon out of the site?

Как вытащить иконку из сайта?

Favicon (abbr. From the English. FAVorite ICON - “icon for favorites”) - the icon of the website or web page. It is displayed by the browser in the tab in front of the page title, as well as in the image quality next to the bookmark, in tabs and in other interface elements.

Traditionally used images of the size of 16x16 pixels of the ICO format, placed in the root directory of the site under the name favicon.ico , then Microsoft Internet Explorer used them for bookmarks. Prior to version 7.0, MSIE used bookmark-only icons, so server administrators could find out how many users created a bookmark on their site.

How to get the icon from the site that is near the URL in the browser will describe further ... 

Result: Как вытащить иконку из сайта? 

Result: Как вытащить иконку из сайта?

Favicon Development History

In March 1999, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5, the first to support icons for the site. Initially, this icon was a file named favicon.ico, placed in the root directory (for example, ) of the website. The icon is used by Internet Explorer in the favorites list and next to the URL in the address bar, if the page is in bookmarks. A side effect was that the number of visitors who bookmarked the page could be estimated by the number of hits to the icon file. This technique is outdated, as all modern browsers support the icon without bookmarks.