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Index of elements  

Legend: Optional, Fixed, Fixed, H Late, L oose DTD, F rameset DTD

Name Beginning tag Kon. tag Empty Unwanted. DTD Description
A anchor
ABBR abbreviated form (for example, WWW, HTTP, etc.)
ADDRESS information about the author
APPLET H L Java applet
AREA З P client map area
B bold text
BASE З P basic document URI
BASEFONT З P H L basic font size
BDO I18N BiDi over-ride
BIG large text
BODY H H document body
BR З P hard line feed
BUTTON button
CAPTION table header
CENTER H L abbreviation for DIV align = center
CITE quote
CODE computer code fragment
COL З P table column
COLGROUP H table column group
DD H description of the definition
DEL deleted text
DFN instance definition
DIR H L catalog list
DIV common language / style container
DL list of definitions
DT H defined term
EM allotment
FIELDSET group of control elements of the form
FONT H L local font change
FORM interactive form
FRAME З P F nested window
FRAMESET F window splitting
H1 caption
H2 caption
H3 caption
H4 caption
H5 caption
H6 caption
HEAD H H document header
HR F P horizontal divider
HTML H H document root element
I italics
IFRAME L built-in window
IMG З P embedded image
INPUT З P form control
INS inserted text
ISINDEX З P H L request from one line
KBD text entered by the user
LABEL text of the form field label
LEGEND description of the set of fields
LI H list item
LINK З P device-independent link
MAP client image-map
MENU H L menu list
META З P general metainformation
NOFRAMES F alternative content container for presentation without frames
NOSCRIPT Alternate content container for presentation without scripts
OBJECT common embedded object
OL ordered list
OPTGROUP option group
OPTION H selectable item
P H paragraph
PARAM З P the value of a named property
PRE formatted text
Q short built-in quote
S H L crossed out text
SAMP example output program, script, etc.
SCRIPT script expressions
SELECT choice option
SMALL small text
SPAN common language / style container
STRIKE З L crossed out text
STRONG enhanced allocation
STYLE style info
SUB subscript
SUP superscript
TBODY H H table body
TD H table cell
TEXTAREA text field of several lines
TFOOT H table footnote
TH H table cell header
THEAD H table header
TITLE document's name
TR H table row
TT typewriter font (monospaced)
U H L underlined text
UL Unordered list
VAR instance of a variable or argument of a program