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20+ excellent tools for image optimization

20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

One of the easiest ways to reduce the response time of pages on your site is image optimization.

There are several free tools that help to reduce and optimize images.

In this article you will find convenient tools for creating images for the web as small as possible, as much as possible.!

20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений uses optimization methods for a particular image format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. It is a lossless optimization tool, which means that it optimizes the image, does not change the appearance or visual quality. works on a web page. The application reports how many bytes will be saved by optimizing the image of the pages and provides a downloadable Zip file with the processed files.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

RIOT is an abbreviation for the Radical Image Optimization Tool. Image Optimizer for Windows users, which is available as a stand-alone application or as an extension for IrfanView. The application supports JPG, PNG and GIF files and is able to cut out the metadata image for further file reduction. Also has utilities that allow you to perform basic types of image editing, such as scaling and rotation and reflection.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

PNGOUT is a public, free, no-nonsense tool for optimizing your images. You can run PNGOUT at the Windows command prompt or in the Run dialog box. It has a wide selection of file compression options. Most of the popular graphic file formats (such as JPG, GIF and PNG) are supported. You can add a / zl121 to pngout for compatibility with old png parsers. To repackage jar, you can use kzip with the same / zl121 key. And pngout, and kzip wrote Ken Silverman.

Online Image Optimizer

20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

Online Image Optimizer from Dynamic Drive is a web-based image compression tool. You can specify a link to the image that you want to optimize, or download it from the local folder. In addition to optimizing, you can select the type of the resulting file (by default, the same file type is obtained). There is a limit on the size of the file - 300 KB.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

SuperGIF is a free utility for Windows and Mac OS that helps to optimize GIF. Has an intuitive and simple user interface, can compress GIF by 50% or more. In a free version, you can optimize only one image at a time, but otherwise has the same functions as the commercial version ($ 29.95), except for batch processing.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

PNGGauntlet is a .NET application for PNGOUT. It can be used to convert JPG, GIF, TGA, PCX, BMP and optimize the contents of PNG files. PNGGauntlet is ideal for those who are not accustomed to working through the command line, but still would like to use the improved PNGOUT optimization algorithm.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

SuperPNG - a free plug-in for Photoshop, which allows you to save PNG in a much more compact form. It also includes some advanced features, such as support for 16-bit color, variable compression, gamma correction, and metadata.


There are no pictures, as this plugin works from the command line. Works in UNIX, LINUX and also in MS-DOS. Optimizes PNG. Uses various compression methods, can remove unwanted auxiliary blocks. Pngcrush has open source code.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

OptiPNG - as the name suggests, the PNG optimizer. This program also converts other formats (BMP, GIF, PNM and TIFF) to optimized PNG, and performs integrity checks and patches. It has open source code, is distributed by zlib / libpng license.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

Web service for PNG, JPEG and GIF compression. From the latest updates: Preview the quality of the resulting image. Removing your image from the server after 15 minutes. after conversion. Support for transparency.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

Application for Mac-OC. Processes PNG, JPEG and GIF animation. ImageOptim combines various optimization tools: AdvPNG from AdvanceCOMP, OptiPNG, Pngcrush, JpegOptim, jpegtran from Libjpeg, Gifsicle and optionally PNGOUT. Open Source on GPLv2. Supports convenient drag'n'drop images to your window.


Optimizer graphics in PNG format. Also converts GIF and BMP to PNG. Allows you to thinly manually or automatically adjust the size of a PNG file.


It works from the command line. Can only one, converts 32-bit PNG with alpha transparency into 8-bit palette PNG with alpha transparency. But it does it very well, much better than Fireworks, although it's also not without problems.


PictureBeaver automatically optimizes web graphics (in PNG, GIF and JPEG formats) by removing auxiliary data from the files that do not affect the display. Usually it is possible to achieve a reduction in the amount of files by 10-30%. GIF without animation is translated to PNG, if such files are less. For optimization, free utilities OptiPNG, jpegtran and Gifsicle are used.

Color quantizer

20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

Color quantizer is a small program that allows you to easily optimize images for the web. Main features: converting to an arbitrary number of colors; support for writing png8 with transparency; the ability to set a quality mask for important sites; convenient editing of the palette; automatic selection of optimal parameters for PNGOUT


This is a tool for GIF-app. Basically - for different UNIX. Ported and under Win, but this version is not supported.

A couple of examples:

  • Trim the transparent frames: gifsicle --crop-transparency src.gif> dest.gif
  • We compress the animated (simple too it is possible ... on some byte) GIF: gifsicle -O2 src.gif> dest.gif


And this is for JPEG. Official program from the Independent JPEG Group.


The shell for free console utilities - pngout, jpegtran, gifsicle, which, without changing the quality of images, removes unnecessary meta information and uses additional compression algorithms.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений
20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

Very convenient optimizer for Windows. Compress PNG, convert to PNG from BMP, GIF, TGA. Allows you to make PNG screenshots.


20+ превосходных инструментов для оптимизации изображений

TweakPNG is a low-level utility for studying and changing PNG files. For Windows 2000 or higher. In order to use it, you need at least a little understanding of the PNG format. According to the stalkers it helps a lot with the PNG saved in Photoshop CS2. The fact is that the versions of the photoshop below CS3 add any garbage to the file, incl. and darkening data. As a result, in IE, the picture looks darker than in other browsers, because all others read only the picture directly. With the help of the utility, you can simply delete it. You can also drop comments such as "edited in Adobe Photshop". In addition to getting rid of glitches, we will also get a small gain in the amount.