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JPEG or PNG where the image is more powerful?

JPEG или PNG где изображение качесвтенней?

On the Internet, you can save any image in PNG, JPEG / JPG, GIF and in dozens of other file formats, the choice is yours.

What formats to use for vector graphics, what for a photo - what image formats provides the best quality?

GIF Format

The GIF format is limited to 256 colors and supports lossless compression. This is a common image format for use on the Internet.

GIF is a good choice for drawings, text and graphics icons in small files.

PNG Format

The PNG format supports lossless compression, which makes it a common image format for use on the Internet.

PNG is a good choice for drawings, text and pictograms graphics in small files.

JPG Format

The JPG format is the format of a compressed lossy file. This makes it useful for storing photos in smaller files than BMP.

JPG is a common format for photos on the Internet, because of its compression capabilities.

To store drawings, text and graphics icons, it is better to use the above formats GIF or PNG, they are compressed without loss.

JPEG format

The JPEG format is a format for photos and realistic images. PNGs are designed for dashed, heavy text images, as well as in a group with several colors. GIFs - in this case will fail.

Randall Munroe (XKCD) and Matthew Inman (Oatmeal) use PNG for their web comics, while, Hugh MacLeod (GapingVoid), uses the JPEG format for their cartoons.