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Collection of jQuery scripts from Dimox

Коллекция jQuery-скриптов

The most useful scripts using the wonderful jQuery framework.

The script for blocks with tabs (tabs) is two very simple universal options for creating tab switches. An example in the sidebar.

The “Add to Bookmarks” script - when you hover over a link, a list of links drops to save the page in social bookmarks. When you click on the “Add to bookmarks” link, you switch between the list of bookmarking services and social networks. Unfortunately, not all social networks that I added to the list exist at the moment.

Recently, I refused from this script in favor of a more beautiful solution - I created a floating socket, which you can now observe to the left of the post. I like this option more, and it is more in line with current trends. Probably write a post about creating such a panel.

Website font size switch - at the moment the working example is at the top right below the search form. I think to remove this feature from the blog. Interestingly, does anyone even use it?

Dynamic font size change - a script that changes the font size of the page depending on the size of the browser window. For myself, I have not found this application anywhere.

Comment preview script 1st option - a preview appears under the form of adding comments as you type. You can attach to any site with a form.

Comment preview script 2nd option - a preview appears when you click on the corresponding button and is displayed instead of a text field. In my opinion, this is a more beautiful solution than in the first version. This script can also be attached to any site.

Tweet preview in Twitter web interface . This script is for users of the Twitter web interface and Opera lovers. Although, I think, there is a way to tie it to other browsers.

WordPress Plugin “Comment Preview” - based on the above 2nd version, I created this plugin. I really like how everything turned out. To date, it downloaded about 8 thousand times.

The plugin for WordPress “Preview of the post in the admin panel” is similar to the previous plug-in, only for the page for creating / editing an entry in the admin panel.

UserJS-script for authorization in WordPress - this is for those who know how to connect UserJS-scripts to their browser. Convenient pop-up authorization form.

The script for WordPress "Hello, commentator!" - Shows the visitor a welcome message next to the form to add comments, if he has left a comment at least once.

The script that solves the problem with cookies on WordPress using MaxCache is for WordPress users who have a caching function from Maxim.

The script has a cant with UTF-8 - if you write the name in Russian letters via FireFox, then from the cookie, the characters are inserted with krakozyabrami. The comments suggested a solution, but something did not work out for me.

Script for WordPress “scrolling to parental comment and back” - the idea was borrowed from Habrahabr. It makes sense to put, when in the comments of the site formed large branches of discussions.

The Google Translator Widget Translator for the Opera browser - the interface works using jQuery, and the translation using the Google API.

I got a very successful and popular solution - my widget at the moment is consistently holding the 2nd place in the list of most downloaded, which is good news.