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12 useful websites you did not know about

12 полезных сайтов, о которых вы не знали

On the Internet there are many useful and interesting sites, which, unfortunately, most people do not know. We will tell you about 12 of them.

1. Mail for 10 minutes

Почта на 10 минут

It may happen that you need an email address (for example, to register on a site), but you do not want to use your primary email address. In this case, you will use the site - at your disposal you will receive an email that will be deleted in 10 minutes. If you need it for a longer time, then in one click you can extend it for another 10 minutes.

Почта на 10 минут

2. Mathematical Assistant

Математический помощник

The solution of mathematical equations will help website . Really very convenient and a good helper.

3. Screenr - creating videos

Screenr — создание видеороликов

Free and easy to use website , which will help to record video.

4. Killer accounts social. networks

Убийца аккаунтов

If you are tired of social networks and want to permanently delete your account, then will tell you how quickly to do it.

5. Is the site "down" for everyone or just for me?

Сайт «упал» для всех или только для меня?

If you can not go to any site and suspect that the case is in the provider, the browser or something else, then go to the site , which will tell you if the resource is currently available.

6. How much time has passed?

Сколько прошло времени?

If you suddenly forget how old you are, then the site will quickly calculate the exact time between two dates.

7. Creating a comic strip

Создание комикса

Feel yourself in the role of the creator of comics help site . Choose your heroes and sign dialogs. Very addictive;)

8. Alarm clock


If you need an alarm clock, then you can start it online here:

9. The Great Poster

Большой постер

Quickly create a large poster of the pieces here:

Большой постер

10. Inverted text

Перевернутый текст

Very cool site will turn any text! Unfortunately, it works only with English letters. Russian words are displayed in reverse order.

11. Easy awakening

Легкое пробуждение

If you experience problems with awakening, then try the site , which calculates sleep cycles depending on the time of falling asleep.

12. A cartoon in a notebook

Мультфильм в блокнотеМультфильм в блокноте

Have you ever painted a cartoon on the pages of a notebook? The site will help to divide any Gif-animation into separate frames. For example: