Calculator stretch ceiling (script) can be ordered via the contact form

Калькулятор натяжного потолка (скрипт) с возможностью заказа через форму контакта

Calculator calculator for calculating the cost of stretch ceiling.

With this virtual calculator you can calculate the cost of the stretch ceiling and to allow the customer to order the product.

Online calculator example and free download possibility itself script calculator.

Easy-to-customize the stretch ceiling cost calculation script is easy to configure.

The settings for the price are in the script itself. Settings by currency in the form of calculation.

You can download the script source for free at the end of the article.

Online Stretch Calculator:
Ceiling Type:
fabric type:
Length of the ceiling: M.
Ceiling width: M.
Hole under the chandelier: PC.
Setting the reception fixtures: PC.
Pipe Edging: PC.
Ventilation grille 200 mm: PC.
Ventilation grille over 200 mm: PC.
Number of corners: PC.
automatically calculated

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