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Increase the Index of Citing a site (IC) and get additional visitors to your site

How to increase the Site Citation Index (IC)
and get more visitors to your site?

One of the factors that your site will be in the first positions of the search query is a good TIC. TCI, it's such a thing ... well, how would the credibility of your site in the search engines. Accordingly, the higher it is, the better, since then your site will stand higher in search queries. If you have less than 10, then you are unlikely to ever be on the first page of the search, so you need to take urgent measures to raise it.
You can find the TCI here:

How to raise it?
1. References should not be reciprocal. Such references are not taken into account, and if taken into account, then its "value" is very small. The simplest exchange scheme: the site "A" refers to the site "B", the site "B" refers to the site "B", and the site "B" refers to the site "A".
2. You can not place more than 7 links on a page. Otherwise their value drops sharply, practically to zero. Here, by reference is meant a reference to another resource, i.e. outside the site.
3. The ratio of the text of links on the page to the text of the page itself, without reference to the text of links, should not be more than 30%

Consider the scheme of increasing the Index of Citing a site (IC):
1. Find resources willing to exchange links.
2. Each resource receives a page with 6 links, which must be placed on the resource.
3. Each resource finds 6 people who want to exchange links, and sends them a page with 6 links, where at the bottom position they write the text of their link with the description.

Calculation IC:
1 stage of the pyramid: IC = 0, because IC considers resources referenced by at least 10 sites.
2nd stage of the pyramid: IC = 25.
The third stage of the pyramid: IC = 125.
4 level of the pyramid: IC = 625.
5 level of the pyramid: IC = 3125.

Advantage of this scheme:
1. The minimum number of links per page.
2. Fast growth of IC.
3. Minimum of effort. It is necessary to find only 7 resources for increasing IC.

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  • 1.Use your browser (menu item "Save as ...") to copy this page (at the same time, the page code is copied).
    Save it on your system, how to promote.html (or promote.htm).
  • 2. Delete the last (sixth) link along with the description, move the others down and place your link (link to your site) along with the description BEFORE the first link (but not in its place!). The link currently in the first place should move to the second place. The second - the third, etc.
  • 3. Make sure that the path to your link is not relative, but absolute (ie, it starts with http: // your_site .) Other people will copy your page and accordingly the link should be correct when it is clicked somewhere else, in some other place.) Try to give a short and at the same time an accurate description of your resource (approximately up to 200 characters, 3-4 lines).
  • 4. Create a link on the promote.html page (text or graphic - you decide) from the main page of your resource or from the page with the most traffic. You can create multiple links from different places on your site. You yourself, in the first place, should be interested in getting as many visitors as possible on this page. Make sure that your connection is really visible. For a guarantee, use something like this:
  • How to Increase the Site Citation Index
    and get additional visitors to your site.

  • 5. Possible additional options for opening the window promote.html-
  • when visitors come to the page:

    At the output:

    Or in the i-frame:

    You should now have:

    1. A well-visible link to your main (or other) page pointing to promote.html on your system. Your text link with the description should be in the first place among the other links

    2. Six text links should be on your page promote.html. And let them stay there. Similarly, your link will be shown on other pages and sites.

    3. As you can see, all information is located in the table. Do not change the design of the table and the location of the information! When changing the color settings, please pay attention: readability of the information should not suffer.

    How it works:

    Many webmasters will visit your site and join this system, taking your page with you, along with your link and moving it to your second position.
    Webmasters who visit their sites and pages will do the same. By the time your link moves to the 5th position - you will have about 50 000 links to your resource from other sites! With a good scenario, all this is possible after a few months! If you want, then count them yourself.

    The higher the citation index of your site, the more influential are the sites linking to your site, the higher your site will be in the search queries of search engines !!!

    You can host the button "Yandex citation index". To do this, you must include the following fragment in the html code of your page, replacing the words my_site with the address of your site:

    The result will look something like this:

    Yandex citation