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Registration in the main catalogs

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Register the site in search engines and directories manually.
Manual registration of sites in directories and search engines , is by far the most advanced way to promote the site.

We offer you site registration in catalogs and search engines.
Site registration - the creation of external links to your site from the outside, by registering the site in the directories. As a rule, from catalogs (lists of sites by subject matter) and ratings (this is the directory in which the position in the table is higher, the higher the site traffic)

Registration is the input of your data (site URL, link text and description, contact data). As a rule, a separate page is reserved for registration, which should also be chosen for the topic.

Especially useful is the registration of the site, if it occurs not sporadically, but constantly. Therefore, on this site there is a "catalog of catalogs" in which you can register and receive a direct link. In addition, through the home page lists of sites from the Yandex Catalog are available, where you can put a link - they are most valuable.

Why do I need to register a site?
The first thought is that targeted visitors come to the links. But in fact this is a very small stream. And the main value of registration is not that.

The fact is that links to your site from other sites increase the "citation" of your site, and search engines put your website higher in search results.

Registration in directories is less effective than link exchange, but there are a lot of directories.

How to correctly register a site in catalogs and rankings?
The first is to choose the right directories. Often, directories give not direct, but the so-called. "redirect" links. When clicking on such a link, the program is launched on the catalog site, taking into account this click and redirecting the visitor to the target site. Such links are of little use.

The second rule for registration - target words and phrases must be present in the link text. In this case, it is by such words and combinations that your site will rank better. Manual registration of sites in directories and search engines, is by far the most advanced way to promote the site.