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The prerequisite to create websites most often arises either in the process of being online and traveling on numerous web pages, or as a commercial necessity for doing business. Against the background of their various subjects, you understand that "someone needs this." And for good reason.

the Internet

Today it is one of the most dynamically developing segments, both in the field of high technologies and in the mass media. It was also classified as a mass media in the Russian Federation by the corresponding law developed by the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In other words, the Internet is regulated by the legal laws on mass media and is equal to them. Here its meaning becomes obvious.

The only drawback of its use is paid access. Although there is an opinion that the days when the Internet will be available at the price of a subscription fee for a home telephone or cable television are “not far off”, which will be “affordable” for everyone. An example is the cellular communication, where with the growth of subscribers and in competitive struggle, prices were almost equal to the usual wired connection.

Where to begin?

If you are a businessman who earns good money, you want to open a representative office on the World Wide Web for expanding your business, then it’s easier, as you turn to website professionals, there’s nothing.

If you decide to become a professional in this business, then you need to make an effort to study all the materials on our site. Then with the "baggage" of knowledge to organize their business to create websites for the money. Against the background of all offers of earnings on the Internet, where most of them are, to put it mildly, doubtful, you will be making money independently from anyone.

If you decide to create your site and independently administer it, then you cannot do without knowledge of programming languages ​​and management methods. The amount of this knowledge is directly proportional to the tasks of the site. The other "side of the coin" is the theme of the site, which should be popular or supported by an interesting idea.

A good idea is the key to success. It does not have to be new. Although everything new (except friends) is always better than the old. The main thing is to have the need and interest in your "ideas" and ways of presenting old ideas. The “birth” of ideas in the “minds” of people depends on the individual abilities of each person. Here we will not be able to help you. The topic of the site should be approached very seriously , it will directly depend on its progress .

When calculating the possible costs, the following should be considered:

  • - domain name registration (unique Internet address) - $ 15- $ 20 for 1 year in the ru zone, in other zones from $ 10 to $ 100.
  • - site placement on the server (hosting) - on average from $ 2 to $ 20 per month depending on the site management options offered and the amount of space on the server.
  • - taxes (if you want to sleep peacefully) for commercial use of the site (13% of the profits for individuals).
  • - website creation (if it’s not "capable of doing it") - from $ 50 - from enthusiasts and from $ 200 - from professionals.


Prices are approximate, costs are not indicated for access to the Internet.

The cost of registering a domain name of the 3rd level and hosting it can be avoided. They can be included by your provider in the cost of Internet access services. But in any case, you do not "promise" anything good. You will be limited in your actions to manage the site. And working with advertisers and talk and do not have to.


With the right approach to the creation , promotion and administration of the site all of the above costs are more than overlap. The ways of making money on the Internet for people who have a website increases by an order of magnitude